Best Smart Kettles 2021: Connect to your brew!

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If like myself you’re an avid coffee addict, a Smart Kettle may be perfect for you. Unfortunately, Smart Coffee Makers cost an absolute fortune, but what about the little brother? The Smart IoT Connected Kettle?

Avoid the hassle of waiting for your kettle to boil, it’s a few extra minutes that you could spend laying in bed before doing your morning routine. The more you think about it, the nicer it sounds. Right?

The Overall Best Smart Kettle

IKettle - The best Smart Kettle

Smarter Ikettle 3rd Generation

If you want a smart kettle filled to the brim with functionality, you have come to the right place. Ikettle could be regarded as the most popular and one of the best smart kettles this market has to offer.

This Wi-Fi kettle can also be operated using Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa.

This product is currently in its third iteration, which means that the company is continually improving every aspect of its product in addition to working extensively on their companion app, for they know the importance of competitive advantage and providing value to their customers.

One of my favourite features is geofencing, which turns on the kettle as soon as your paired device comes into range. Perfect for your early start or late night home.

I know it sounds really silly, but another feature I think is great is tracking how much water is in the kettle via the companion app. I can’t tell you how many times I wake up, turn the kettle on and then realise it’s empty.

Basic Features

This smart kettle has a stainless-steel body with dimensions of 8.310.86.1 inches, an overall weight of 3.5 pounds, can heat up to 1.8 liters of liquid, has a keep warm time of 40 minutes, provides temperature adjustments with 2 degrees Fahrenheit increments, and is available at a staggering price of $149.


  • Ikettle has a simplistic yet elegant design that captures the attention of buyers.
  • Paring Ikettle with your smartphones is a pretty smooth experience and can be done within minutes after which you are good to download the app.
  • The companion app for Ikettle is an excellent example of a highly functional yet user-friendly application that allows the users to easily understand and navigate utilizing all the available features this smart kettle has to offer.
  • Ikettle provides you remote access with which you could easily control certain features like controlling the temperature at which the liquid is to be heated as well as switching to the warm mode which allows you to control the time during which the liquid would remain warm.
  • This smart kettle can be operated at a diverse temperature ranging from 68-212 degrees Fahrenheit which means a variety of heating requirements could be fulfilled like warming the milk of an infant to brewing tea or coffee.
  • It consists of a morning mode for which you just have to set the time at which you wake up and this smart kettle would prepare steaming water for you to get your day going.


  • It could be considered a bit expensive.
  • It only works if you have a stable Wi-Fi connection of 2.4 GHz.
  • It allows minimum manual usability, so it is not a good fit if you prefer manual usage.

The best budget Smart Kettle

Best Smart Kettles 2021: Connect to your brew!

Epica Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle

Epica Electric Kettle could be regarded as the best value smart kettle, for its reasonable price and all the features it has to offer. This smart kettle comes with a very simple yet attractive design and can go with a wide range of decor due to its versatility. 

Note: This isn’t a ‘smart’ kettle, as there’s not really a lot out there. It’s simply one of the better options out there in terms of smarter technology

Basic Features

As the name suggests, this kettle has a stainless-steel body, with dimensions of 9.75 x 8.25 x 12 inches, a water holding capacity of 1.8 liters, and a weight of 3.1 pounds.


  • Epica Kettle operates at a power of 1500 Watts due to which it is perfect for boiling water in a shorter period.
  • It provides 6 preset temperatures to choose from.
  • It has a keep warm button that maintains the water temperature for up to two hours.
  • Easy to use and find your way around it.
  • Provides excellent value for money.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty, just at a price of only $39.95.


  • The only flaw which some of the customers have claimed was that its built quality could have been improved.

Best Runner Up Kettle

Best Smart Kettles 2021: Connect to your brew!

Fellow Stag EKG+

If you are a sucker for a futuristic design, this Alexa enabled kettle might be the perfect fit for you.

The design of its competitors could be regarded as pretty conventional, but this smart kettle excels from all of its competitors in terms of uniqueness and versatility in design.

It boils quickly, is easy to use, and provides the perfect start for your day with a perfectly brewed cup of tea or coffee.

Basic Features

Fellow Stag EKG+ has a state-of-the-art design with a slender spout and a small handle, which portrays a minimal and matte black finish that would look equally good sitting at your home or an art gallery.

It comes with dimensions of 11.56.88, a weight of 2.6 pounds, and a water holding capacity of 0.9 liters.

If you don’t want to compromise on quality this is the perfect buy for you which comes at a price tag of $148.72.

Using the Brewmaster app, this fantastic kettle offers very intuative information about your brew.

Specifically allowing you to control the temperature and a “hold mode” which allows you to maintain water at a temperature you specified for up to 60 minutes.


  • It provides off the chart aesthetics and very handy design to provide the perfect pouring experience. If its design was to be compared with its direct competitor Ikettle, EKG+ would for sure come out as a victor.
  • The companion app helps to provide a great user experience with the ease of controls and easy Bluetooth connectivity. It provides a great deal of functionality like you could adjust the temperature just by clicking the plus or minus button on the screen of your smartphone.
  • It even provides presets for the right temperature at which your tea or coffee should be brewed.
  • This smart kettle provides a very intuitive interface that allows you to transition between Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • It can be operated at a temperature range of 135-212 degrees Fahrenheit, so Ikettle provides a more diverse temperature range.
  • The main feature which distinguishes the two smart kettles would be the Alexa enabling which is not included in EKG+.
  • Ikettle excels its competitor in terms of functionality while it would be fair to say that EKG+ offers one best the best designs that modern smart kettles have to offer and excels Ikettle in this regard.


  • The handle of the EKG+ has a potential flaw since it is connected to the main body without an insulated metal ring which could burn your thumb if you overextend it.
  • Due to its slender spout, it provides a moderate flow rate which might trouble you when you are in a bit of a hustle.
  • It could be regarded as somewhat expensive and may be out of some people’s range.

Best Kettles of $100 & under

Hamilton Smart Kettle

Hamilton Beach 40941 Glass Electric Smart Kettle

Hamilton Beach has been regarded as a leading name in providing cutting edge technology for over a century.

Their Glass Electric kettle is a fine specimen of the things that they are doing right.

This smart kettle has a very distinguishing design and stands out from the rest of the smart kettles due to the soft blue illumination which lights up the whole kettle.

Basic Features

Hamilton Beach Glass Electric Kettle consists of 6 different temperature settings, a power of 1500 watts to provide you a quick response to your needs, weighs about 3 pounds, and can hold up to 1.7 liters of water.

If you are looking for a smart kettle with some cutting-edge features all in a reasonable price cap this is the perfect smart kettle to buy which costs you only $49.99.


  • Hamilton Beach smart kettle gives off a very attractive vibe due to its sleek and illuminating design.
  • This smart kettle provides adequate temperature flexibility with the help of 6 temperature settings it has to offer.
  • Has the capability to automatically turn off when dry as an in-built safety feature.
  • It can maintain the temperature of water for about 30 minutes.
  • The large storage capacity it has to offer makes it a good fit for family gatherings.
  • 1500 Watts of power helps to brew a cup of coffee promptly.


  • The only aspect that could be a major set back for this smart kettle could be not including the remote-control feature which is quite necessary in these modern times.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle

Best Smart Kettles 2021: Connect to your brew!

Our last smart kettle which could be said as a brilliant effort made by the Chinese smartphone manufacturers in an attempt of diversifying their smart product portfolio.

This sophisticated yet affordable product is surely an indication that Xiaomi is on the right track.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle is one of the best products within the price tag of $100 due to the various features it has to offer.

Basic Features

Out of all the products that we have reviewed this smart kettle depicts a very simplistic kind of design but it makes up for its plain design with all the loaded features that it offers.

This smart kettle comes with dimensions of inches weighs 2.7 pounds, has a water holding capacity of 1.5 liters, and provides a temperature range of 104-194 degrees Fahrenheit which could be adjusted with 1-degree increments.

If you are looking for top-notch features and don’t mind a simplistic design this might be the kettle for you which is available at a price of only $64.95.


  • This smart kettle is a good buy considering all the functionalities it has to offer.
  • It provides some well-thought safety features like the inclusion of extra space so that the water does not boil over and a lid which is designed to open at 45 degrees to protect the user from the hot steam.
  • It consists of a warm mode that allows you to maintain the temperature for an astonishing time of 12 hours which ranks it even higher than the premium high-cost smart kettles in this regard.
  • Xiaomi Smart Kettle also provides Bluetooth connectivity in this amazing price tag.
  • You can set the temperature or activate the warm mode using the Mi app just by sitting anywhere in your house.
  • This product is meant for you if you crave value.


  • The Mi app is only partially translated into English, so I’m sure you can imagine how annoying that is.
  • The power cord is very short and you would have to buy an extension to serve your needs.

What does a Smart Kettle do

Just like the Smart Microwave, the Smart Kettle is a basic device that allows you to connect your phone or other smart devices to your kettle. Boil your kettle from anywhere in the world, even abroad! Although, I’m not sure there’s much reason behind that!

Do I need to actually buy a Smart Kettle?

By all accounts, you don’t need a Smart Kettle to just turn the kettle on. You can’t make it boil using a Smart Plug, BUT you can buy a Kettle with a schedule timer on it and only turn it on before your usual schedule via a Smart Plug.

Although that seems like a complete vanity project with no real logic behind it. Don’t waste your money buying a Smart Plug for your kettle, if you want to control your Kettle remotely, buy a Smart Kettle.

Smart Kettles aren’t extremely popular as of writing this, there’s not really a budget option which is pretty good as you’ll ideally want a top quality product.

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