About Us

We’ve been studying Smart Home Technology for around 4 years, as our team grows so does this blog!

What we do

  1. Everyone on our team works from home & is also a tech enthusiast. Most of us are involved in Web Design / Hosting to some degree
  2. We are currently planning on bringing our own YouTube channel up to date with subjects in tech, productivity, reviews and more! Check out these most popular videos
  3. We love to read your experiences and news, so if you have anything to offer definitely do email us!
  4. Did you know we have a newsletter where we post free resources and email out every time we have a new post?
  5. Whilst we are centered around Smart Home Technology, we do have other blogs where we write about other passionate endeavours.

Get in Touch with us

  1. Twitter – Definitely tweet us @Smarthomebit.
  2. Meet me in person – I’m generally available to meet when booked in advance for any questions on Smart Homes, Tech, Cryptocurrency or even Web Design. If you have a trip to the UK, drop me us a message on Twitter!