👨‍💻 About Us

We’ve been studying Smart Home Technology for around 4 years, as our team grows so does this blog!

What we do

  1. ⌨️ Everyone on our team works from home & is also a tech enthusiast. Most of us are involved in Web Design / Hosting to some degree
  2. 🎬 We are currently planning on bringing our own YouTube channel up to date with subjects in tech, productivity, reviews and more! Check out these most popular videos
  3. ✍️ We love to read your experiences and news, so if you have anything to offer definitely do write for us!
  4. 📰 Did you know we have a newsletter where we post free resources and email out every time we have a new post?
  5. 🖋️ Whilst we are centered around Smart Home Technology, we do have other blogs where we write about other passionate endeavours such as Rabbit Care.

Get in Touch with us

  1. 🐤 Twitter – As of the moment only Bradly has the Twitter accounts public, so definitely tweet us @Smarthomebit or @Bradly_Spicer.
  2. 🤵 Meet me in person – I’m generally available to meet when booked in advance for any questions on Smart Homes, Tech, Cryptocurrency or even Web Design. If you have a trip to Canterbury in the UK, drop me us a message on Twitter!