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When is Prime Day 2020 – Rumours & Facts


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Top 9 Smart Home Gifts for Christmas 2020

When is Prime Day 2020 – Rumours & Facts

When is Prime Day 2020? No one will be able to tell you, there’s no REAL leaks, no information. However, we may have figured out a range of time. Note: Before we start, Prime Day is exclusive to Amazon Prime Members, so if you do want the best prices and free shipping grab a 30

Top 9 Smart Home Gifts for Christmas 2020

Are you looking to give your loved onesthe best Smart Home Gift for Christmas 2020? And you’re not sure where to start off; well we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s your mother or your girlfriend you’re shopping for, you can introduce them to the Smart Home Technology and take their home automation to the next

Which Smart Kettle should you buy in 2020?

If like myself you’re an avid coffee addict, a Smart Kettle may be perfect for you. Unfortunately, Smart Coffee Makers cost an absolute fortune, but what about the little brother? The Smart IoT Connected Kettle? Avoid the hassle of waiting for your kettle to boil, it’s a few extra minutes that you could spend laying

Smart Glasses in 2020: What are they and how do they work?

If you grew up as a 90s kid, you undoubtably saw Rodriguez’ Movie “Spy Kids”, an absolute favourite of mine as a kid with an expansive interest in cool gadget tech. But now, in 2020, is that becoming less of a dream and more of a reality? Google Glass really was a big hitter in

Amazon Fire Stick: Complete Guide

The Amazon Firestick is a fantastic little streaming device, whether you go standard or 4k, it’s perfect for turning any dumb TV into a Smart TV on a budget. In essence, the Amazon Fire TV Stick allows for seemless video streaming services direct to your TV without any hassle. It’s developed by Amazon and is

What Thermostats does Ring work with?

I’ve always been curious about what the Ring Doorbell works with, it took the market by storm and then it simply stabilised. The issue here is that Smart Technology doesn’t always flow between one technology to another without issue. So, does the Ring Doorbell work with any thermostats? I’ve seen a specific article on another

Housebook – A Smart Home Inventory App Review

Whilst I was browsing reddit on the weekend as I do, I noticed a post by u/PickAGoodUsername which lets you ask Google about Dumb devices in your household. Typically curious if this was the first step into a fully automated lifestyle which was built around making life easier, I instantly downloaded it, dusted of my

Dibea D500 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner & Mop Review

The best budget robot vacuum – In my opinion I’m an extremely lazy human, I have a device that grows fresh plants for me in my home and now, I have what I would call the ultimate budget robot vacuum. Step aside Roomba, Dibea is on the scene. Vacuuming can be extremely boring, which is

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