The Best Smart Home Devices in 2020
There's so many personal lists that try to ram affiliate links down your throat. Want none of that? Read my small blog post!
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Can I Save Wyze Videos Locally?
Wyze isn't exactly great with their UI, so check out this method on how to download and save Wyze CCTV camera videos locally.
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Saving Money with Smart Homes
Having a Smart Home can cost money, but with this guide, I can show you how to save hundreds every month!
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Top Tips for Smart Home Beginners

Building a Smart Home This is the first of one of my cornerstone posts which I’ll update as I go with my personal experience and advice I think is perfect for users who are just getting into the Smart Home World. This post is geared towards New to Intermediate Smart Home / Home Automation users

The latest trends in 2020 for the Smart Home industry

NOTE: This is a guest post from our good friends over at MyAutomatedPlace, If you like this post, go check them out! Introduction Technology is an ever-growing component of our society. Nowadays, we have the pleasure to admire how fast and reliable everything in this topic evolves. And in the Smart Home industry is no

Must-Have Smart Pet Toys & Electronics

Remember when pet toys were just a ball with a weird fluffy thing on the end of it? Things have definitely advanced since then and if you’re a smart home enthusiast like myself, you’ll want everything to be done automatically via Smart Pet Toys! There’s a ton of mediocre stuff out there, but, there are