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How-To DIY Smart Home Featured Smart TV

This guide was written in 2019 but has been kept up to date with modern standards Turning your TV into a Smart TV is easy You don’t need to purchase a Smart TV to have a Smart Home, you can easily create a Smart TV from any television with a few creative methods. Whilst Smart

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As someone who’s set up probably around 50 TVs for family and friends who want to make their Dumb TV a Smart TV, I can safely say Roku is a very popular choice to do this, especially when the content could be frowned upon. Roku is great because it works as a device that allows

Do Night Owl Security Cameras Need Internet?

Night Owl Security has been absolutely dominating the Smart Security Camera scene for a while now, if you’re a fan of keeping everything in-house and having internal storage the Night Owl Security Camera is a fantastic choice. So, much like many other Smart home security cameras, Do Night Owl Security Cameras require an internet connection?

How to watch Twitch on a Smart TV using your phone

You can now watch Twitch from anywhere in your house that has access to a Smart TV or a Dumb TV that has been converted, this is perfect for watching eSports events like Valorant, League of Legends & CS:GO. Whilst the Twitch App on your phone doesn’t give you direct access to cast from your

How To: Fix Alexa “I’m having trouble understanding right now”

How to fix Alexa not understanding you Your Amazon Alexa device may run into a few issues which result in the infamous “I’m having trouble understanding right now”, but this issue can be easily resolved by following these steps. These steps only apply to the following Amazon Products: Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Echo Flex,

Why is Amazon Echo Flashing Yellow?

An Amazon Echo device flashing yellow isn’t a bad sign, this simply means that you have a notification. This can be for a range of reasons from order purchases to a message from an Alexa Contact. This should not be mistaken with a spinning yellow light, this means that the device is connecting to your

How to fix Luxpro Thermostats problems

Recently a friend of mine called me to have a look at their Luxpro Thermostat thinking that because I had a fancy Smart Home Thermostat I would be able to fix this one. This lead me to learn quite a bit about the Luxpro Thermostat and how to fix common issues after traipsing forums, Reddit

Can Alexa call 911 during an Emergency?

Can Alexa call 911? – Unfortunately, whilst Alexa can call your phone when you’ve lost it, it cannot call 911 without some configuration and changes. Through the use of an Echo Connect device, you can use VOIP or Landline through your device. How to trigger an emergency call with your Amazon Alexa There are multiple