20+ Fun Alexa Games to Play

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 07/23/22 •  10 min read

Having your Amazon Alexa device is fun for the first hours, but it eventually becomes another household tool, however, you can do more than just turn your lights on with your Alexa Device. If you want something to do, try finding some Easter Eggs or playing some Games on your Alexa Device, they’re surprisingly fun!

You can play everything from Tic Tac Toe to Deal or No Deal, if there’s a gaming brand out there they’ve probably made an Alexa Skill.

Alexa offers an array of game types from choice-driven story games to Movie, TV & General knowledge Quizzes. In this post, I’m going to show you the Alexa games I believe are not only the most fun to play but also the best quality.


1. Runescape Quests – One Piercing Note

Runescape's Alexa Game - One Piercing Note

This is one I’ve played a few times as an avid ‘scaper (I’ve been playing for over 15 years on and off). This is a fantastic voice-controlled murder mystery story-driven game which tackles finding clues, questioning characters, and tackling demons.

I really like the voice acting, Jagex really went all out with this skill, it’s really a shame this is the only quest they have as I’d love to hear more.

  • Start new game: ‘Start’ or ‘New game’
  • Save your current progress: ‘End’
  • Play a saved game: ‘Resume game’

2. Skyrim Very Special Edition


Another fantastic story-driven title, but not as good as the Runescape quest, in my opinion, this game has no voice acting and is all done through Alexa narrating which can really break the immersion.

Saying that, the array of choices you can make is incredibly vast; whether you want to “Fus Ro Dah”, Eat Sweet Roles, or simply chase butterflies.

While it is a fun little RPG, it does get very repetitive, as such, I can’t recommend playing this for a long period of time and the only reason it’s this far up in the list is because of how diverse the choices are.


3. Escape the Room

Escape the Room Alexa

Escape Rooms have taken America by storm recently and appear to be a recurring trend every December through to February, but why leave when you can simply play it from your own home!

While there are only three scenarios at the moment; (Jail Cell)Easy, (Office)Medium, or (Car)Hard.

To make your way out of the room, you have to find items and solve puzzles like connecting wires, finding items, and remembering sequences, want to up the ante?

Challenge your friends and family and see who can beat the room(s) the quickest! Simply say “Alexa, Open Escape The Room” after installing the skill.


4. Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe on Alexa

Tic Tac Toe is a game that’s as old as we can remember, incredibly simplistic but extremely fun to play when you want to pass time.

While some suggest you need to use your imagination to play this game, I personally find the games to be over so quickly you don’t really need to remember anything.

You will be playing against a virtual opponent as there’s no online matchmaking but this shouldn’t be a problem once you get into the swing of it.

The game is incredibly simple and is based mostly on chance, as such, there are no difficulty settings. Simply say “Alexa, play Tic Tac Toe” after installing the skill.


5. Who Drinks

Who Drinks Alexa Game

Whether you call it King’s or King’s cup, Alexa drinking games are popular and can get pretty messy. In this game, the player takes a sip of the drink and dispenses the drink when a card is drawn.

The “cards” typically have some rules written on them, however as this is a virtual game, Alexa plays the role of being the playing card.

You simply ask Alexa “Who drinks?” to which Alexa may respond “Drink right” or “Drink Left, simply follow her instructions and you’ll be absolutely wasted in no time. You can play this after installing the skill.


6. Who wants to be a Millionaire?

Who wants to be a Millionaire? Alexa

In this Alexa game, you will be faced with 15 new questions every week that you have to answer correctly to be a millionaire and win virtual money (Sadly not Crypto or anything you can handle).

But you have a chance to earn maximum points and reach a nationwide ranking.

You are offered to use three lifelines; 50/50, phone a friend, and ask social media.

You only get these lifelines once per week, so make sure not to waste them and don’t cheat! Simply ask “Alexa, Who wants to be a millionaire!” after installing the skill.


7. Heads Up

Heads Up Game for Alexa

This game was incredibly popular after being shown on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, if you’re unaware of Headsup, you will essentially be asked to guess a word on a card Alexa “holds”.

There is a paid version of this game however the free option provides 3 decks with the following categories: Superstars, Blockbuster Movies & Fictional Characters.

You simply ask “Alexa, Heads Up!” after installing this skill.


8. Song Quiz

Song Quiz for Amazon Alexa

If you love listening to music then you’ll definitely enjoy this game on Alexa. You can ask Alexa to play Song Quiz and you can choose from various playlists and Alexa will play snippets of the songs.

You will have to identify the song name and the artist to earn points; you can also compete against many players around the world.

You can access this game by asking Alexa “Alexa, Start Song Quiz” after installing the skill.


9. Would You Rather?

Would you rather Alexa Skill

Would you rather is a fun game that you can play while being on your own or with a friend or at parties. Definitely not one for a big party, but if you have a few friends or family around it’s a great choice.

This Alexa game lets you decide between two options such as silly, saucy, or thought-provoking questions.

You just have to tell Alexa to play would you rather; some questions are quite easy to answer while others may surprise you.

You can install the skill here


10. Movie Challenge

81MQi ZGqeL

Movie challenge is a great Alexa game for movie enthusiasts, who are always up to date with all the latest blockbusters and even old gems like Casablanca.

In this game, Alexa plays audio clips for you to identify. It’s rather simple and can lead to a good laugh.

You simply ask “Alexa, play Movie Challenge” and get your geek on! You can install the skill here


11. Deal or No Deal Game

Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal is the unofficial version of the game; so no lawsuits here! In this game, you choose a briefcase that you hold on to which may contain a big sum of money while you choose to open the other briefcases one by one.

There are 20 briefcases that have money ranging from a 5 dollar note to thousands of dollars, not real money of course. Obviously, the money isn’t real!

You can simply ask “Alexa, Deal or no Deal”. You can install the skill here.


12. Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

This is a game we mentioned in our Alexa Easter Eggs, Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock is essentially just Rock Paper Scissors but with a little more information and interactivity.

This is a much better choice over the normal Rock Paper Scissors skill as it allows you to keep track of wins, losses and how many rounds you’ve played.

Simply ask “Alexa, open Lizard Spock”.


13. Akinator

Akinator Game on Alexa

This very popular flash game took the internet by storm, Akinator is essentially a genie who can guess who you’re thinking about by asking various questions.

I guess it’s true what they say, infinite knowledge does lead to infinite success!

You can simply ask “Alexa, Start Akinator” after installing this skill.


14. WhereInTheWorld

Where in the World Geography skill on Alexa

I’ve put this one on this list because of the usefulness of the game, if you’re studying Geography, this quiz will ask questions varying from what is the capital city of a country to varying other less known facts and knowledge

You can simply ask “Alexa, let’s play geography travel”. You can install the skill here.


15. True or False?

True or False on Alexa

Think you’re a trivia pro? Want to show off in front of your friends and family? This is the game for you. Simply answer True or False for all of the questions and see how far you get.

Another great part of this game is that it allows up to 20 users to play a game at any given time. So, perfect for a party or family gathering where you can all play together!

You can simply ask “Alexa, play true or false”. You can install the skill here.


16. Would You Rather For Family

Would you rather on Alexa

Would You Rather For Family is an incredibly fun game that is great for everyone as it’s kept PG. While you can have a non-PG version, the default is family-friendly.

There’s no “winning” or “losing”, just pure hilarity in which you can choose either of two funny situations. Definitely not one to play alone!

You can simply ask “Alexa, Would you rather”. You can install the skill here.


17. Starfinder

StarFinder adventure game on Alexa

Starfinder is a bit of a hidden gem, featuring the voices of Nathan Fillion from Firefly and Laura Bailey from Critical Role and The Last of Us 2.

This story drive game has a total of 7 Episodes lasting mostly 90 minutes at a time.

You’ll have endless hours of fun with this, featuring over 13 hours of gameplay and some great Sci-Fi Narration.

You can simply ask “Alexa, open Starfinder”. You can install the skill here.


18. The Fake News Game

The Fake News Game Alexa

The Fake News Game is another True or False Game but given a very “The Onion” twist. In a world of sad news and unfortunate events, this game is enough to keep you laughing for hours

Just remember, you may find some shocking truths behind this game! Play with up to 20 friends in their multiplayer mode and shock everyone with your knowledge of crazy headliners.

You can simply ask “Alexa, Open the Fake News Game”. You can install the skill here.


19. Bingo

Bingo on Alexa

Bingo is exactly as it sounds, it’s essentially Bingo. You will need your own cards, so definitely look at printing these off or owning some prior.

You can download free Bingo Cards in a PDF format here if you’re curious, this is definitely one for your older family 😉

You can simply ask “Alexa, Bingo!”. You can install the skill here.


20. The Magic Door

The Magic Door Skill Alexa

The Magic Door is a unique adventure game that has very Oregon Trail vibes. Ask varying questions such as “Talk to the Rabbit” and “Meet the Wise Wizard”.

While you’ll only really play this a few times, the whimsical nature of this game is rather cute.

This one has around 4000+ reviews which is phenomenal, so definitely do check it out.

You can simply ask “Alexa, Deal or no Deal”. You can install the skill here.

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