Arlo Camera Not Recording? Here’s What To Do

By SmartHomeBit Staff •  Updated: 12/25/22 •  5 min read

Home security is a must to feel comfortable and safe in a home.

One of the best options is the Arlo, a wireless HD camera to provide the best possible shots of the outside and inside of your home.

Unfortunately, there are instances where your Arlo camera doesn’t record.

Read on to learn what to do if you encounter this error.


1. Obstructions 

Arlo cameras are some of the smaller options on the market.

While their size makes it possible to slip them into unexpected places, it also makes it easier for items to obstruct their view.

Your camera might record but seems as though it didn’t because there is something in the way.

Examine the area around your Arlo and determine what items are in the way.

Removing obstructions could mean shifting physical items away from the lens or tweaking the position of the Arlo camera.

We recommend completing a test video to ensure you have the right spot before leaving it alone.


2. Low Batteries

Low batteries are a common issue in tech, especially in wireless devices.

Although the Arlo battery can last long, it will eventually run low on power.

This lack of energy could prevent the Arlo from taking video.

The easiest way to check Arlo battery is through the app.

Once you are in the battery life section, you can determine the state of the power source.

We recommend recharging or replacing the battery at this point if it appears the energy source is the cause of the video trouble.


Arlo Camera Isn’t Recording? Here’s What To Do


3. Incorrect Alignment and Positioning 

Incorrect alignment and positioning can also lead to a lack of recording.

It’s easy to install the Arlo camera system yourself, but many people don’t put the product in the proper position for it to work.

The placement could cause the camera not to record or to record the wrong things for your home security.

If you installed your Arlo system yourself, we recommend checking the alignment and positioning.

If it’s not high enough, it might not cover enough ground.

If it’s too high, it could be out of reach of the internet connection.

We recommend bringing in someone with more experience to shift the Arlo camera.


4. Poor Internet Connection

Internet connection is critical for an Arlo camera to work.

If they aren’t connected to an excellent internet, there is no way for them to record videos and upload them to your device for ultimate security.

The moment it isn’t connected to the internet, the device will go offline and won’t benefit you in any way.

Check the internet connectivity of your device.

If it’s not attached, you must reconnect the device to the WIFI.

Once it has a strong connection to the internet, you will have another layer of safety on your side.


5. Bugs and Glitches

Bugs and glitches are the most common causes of trouble in any electronic device.

Security cameras like the Arlo camera aren’t exempt.

If they are infected with bugs and glitches, the camera may not be able to store information.

It won’t work like a standard camera as other items take over the system.

The best way to handle bugs and glitches in an Arlo camera is to reset the system.

If you do and the bugs and glitches don’t fix themselves, it might be time to invest in a new Arlo camera system.


In Summary

Security cameras are one of the best additions you can bring to your home.

They take critical recordings, often helping solve crimes on your property and warding away criminals.

However, some issues can stop them from recording – bugs, obstructions, and a poor internet connection.

Although potential troubles can appear with the Arlo camera’s recording ability, the benefits of the device are much better than the cons.

It’s worth the effort to have an excellent camera to keep your house safe.

If you have cameras in the front of your home, intruders are less likely to target your place.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why is my Arlo not picking up motion?

If your Arlo camera isn’t picking up motion, likely, it isn’t positioned properly to capture movement in front of it.

Check your setup to determine if it’s pointing the right way and if there are any obstructions in front of the lens.

If there are, move them and shift the camera until it points in the proper direction.

Check the lens to ensure nothing is in the way against the glass.


How do I manually restart my Arlo camera?

It doesn’t take much to annually restart your Arlo camera.

There should be a sync button on top of the device.

Locate it, hold it down for at least fifteen seconds, and wait for the light on top to blink an amber color.

Once it blinks, release the button.

Once you release the button, press it one more time to turn the Arlo camera back on again.

Check the device and determine if the recording errors have fixed themselves.


How long does Arlo take to restart?

Some devices take a long time to restart, an inconvenience for people with busy days.

Luckily, the Arlo won’t take long to reboot if you need to jump the system.

After the button goes down, it only takes about ten seconds for the Arlo to turn back on again.

This quick restart allows users to reset and test their devices without too much time wasted.

It’s an efficient tool.

SmartHomeBit Staff