Click and Grow 3 Review

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 12/25/22 •  7 min read

I’ve had my Click and Grow Smart Garden for quite a while now, just sitting under my desk waiting for the perfect time to come out. I think I’m ready to review and test home automation Smart Gardens.

Getting right into it, this is a great investment for any beginner/enthusiast who has a small living arrangement, if you’re living in a Flat/Apartment or small home, you can simply prop this up on a shelf, on a window ledge or even on a table.


What is the Click & Grow?

The Click and Grow is a small device that allows you to grow at least 3 herbs simultaneously with next to no effort. It’s essentially your own food in a plug and play format.

Using their own special Smart Soil, the Click and Grow allows you to grow herbs, vegetables and fruits with ease, without the use of pesticides, insecticides or GMOs.

Best of all, it’s perfect for beginners too! Sure, you can make your own seeds with their soil or your own soil, but they also offer a super easy subscription-based service for growing goods.


Key Points about the Click and Grow

Traditional Gardening takes a lot of skill, so this is perfect for any beginner.


Why did I pick the Click & Grow?

I’ve been looking into expanding Making a Smart Home outside of the basic “Turn lights on”, I want to make my life easier. This means learning How to save money with Smart Home Technology, how to grow my own plants and in the future how to make my own energy.

I was torn between the AeroGarden and the Click and Grow, and whilst I will give the AeroGarden a go soon, I ended up picking up the Click & Grow due to its community.


How does the Click and Grow work?

The device itself is very simple, there’s not much too it which makes it extremely confusing and could easily be made yourself. It’s essentially a pool of water with pods that your plants sit in. The plants roots will then look for water through these pods (Roots will grow out the bottom).

The lights turn on and turn off automatically, as such this could easily be done with a container and lights with some basic pods that you find in a dollar store.

However, the Click and Grow offers a sleek design, prebuilt, no DIY and a great community.


Unboxing & Setting up the Click & Grow

Unboxing the Click & Grow was super fun, there’s a lot to read! so, I’ll add pictures from this point on AND comment after!


Initial Thoughts

I really can’t fault that the Click and Grow is super simple to set up, it’s an absolute breeze and should be more than accessible to almost anyone. The product itself feels super sturdy and the design is very sexy.

But, where it faults lies with the company itself, Click and Grow support were ridiclously hard to get hold of and it ended up that Facebook was the best place to get involved. They replied within 48 hours on Facebook but not at all by email.

It’s not too much of an issue with the Click & Growers Facebook page, who are a community of individuals who can help you and tend to be very quickly to reply.


Does the Click and Grow save you money?

If you stick to the Click and Grow ecosystem, the answer is no. The subscription service can cost quite a bit, however, there is a solution to this. You can make your own Click and Grow soil, which won’t have the same formula as the Click and Grow secret Formula, but will work just as well in my experience.

This also means you can go and grab a pack of seeds from your local store which is considerably cheaper that the subscription service.


Does it save time?

It’s impossible to say it saves time, growing plants takes weeks, you would need a bigger operation to grow your own herbs and plants before this could work. To confirm, the LED lights that the Click and Grow has are said to improve the plant growth and this is actually quite common in aquaponic setups.

The specific Click and Grow soil also speeds up seed germination which I can attest too, the easiest way to prove this is to watch time lapses.


Why use the Click and Grow?

There’s a sense of accomplishment in growing your own food, even if it is assisted. This is why people grow Bonsai Trees, but what other benefits are there

Mostly freshness, it’s always connected to the plant so isn’t sitting on a shelf which results in less nutritition. Once the plant is large, simply repot it (Which is very easy with the small pods they use!

My Initial Conclusion

All in all, my first impressions are a solid 4/5.

Moving Forward, I’ll be uploading various videos to our YouTube Channel about the Click and Grow, please go check that out and click our subscribe button.

Do you use the Click and Grow or another Smart Garden device? Let me know in the comments!


The first month of Click & Grow


4 days into growing basil

I’m very impressed with this, it looks like the Basil is growing extremely fast! No sign of pests either even with an open window.

The Basil is quite obviously growing faster with the LED lights than it is with the sun, hopefully within the next week or so, I’ll see a vibrant basil plant that I can harvest from every week!

Click and Grow Basil Growth at Day 4
4 days since ‘planting’ my basil pods for Click and Grow

Just over a week in growing Basil with Click and Grow

Click and Grow Basil 1 week in (7 days)
Pretty Impressive right?

To say I’m impressed is an understatement. It’s been such a great investment and I still highly suggest everyone have a look at getting one.


Two Months with Click And Grow

I’ve had this for quite a while now, I got bored of the basil and gave it up for composting and the rabbit. Great, so what now?

Well, I decided to do something a little more adventurous and go for a Tomato & a Chilli plant. I’m also testing having no natural sunlight, I have to say it does appear to still be doing great.

Click and Grow 3 Chilli and Tomato

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