Does Magic Eraser Remove Ink From Dryer Tumblers?

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Sometimes, a pen ends up in the laundry; it’s inevitable.

Many guides recommend using a Magic Eraser, but is that a wise choice?


How to Use Magic Eraser to Remove Ink From Your Dryer

Before you begin, it’s smart to put on a stiff set of rubber gloves.

The Magic Eraser is abrasive and can irritate your fingers during extended use.

It’s also a good idea to cut the Magic Eraser in half before you begin.

It’s big and chunky and can be hard to manage in tight spaces.

Next, wet the Magic Eraser like a sponge.

It shouldn’t be dripping wet, but it should be damp to the touch.

This helps make it less abrasive so it won’t damage your dryer tumbler’s finish.

Now you’re ready to start scrubbing.

Take your time and scrub as gently as possible.

It will be slow going, but you don’t want to damage your dryer.

Start with the larger patches of ink and work down to the smaller patches.

Since you’ll inevitably miss a few smaller spots, it’s wise to follow up with a baking soda paste.

Mix your baking soda with water, but not too much.

You want the paste to stick, not drip down into the bottom of your dryer.

Apply it using a sponge, and make sure you thoroughly coat the inside of your dryer tumbler.

When you’ve applied your paste, give it some time to dry and absorb the ink.

20 to 30 minutes should do the trick.

At that point, you can wipe the area clean with a damp sponge.

Be gentle and take your time.

Baking soda is also abrasive, and you don’t want to scratch your finish.

Even after the baking soda, there may be residual ink left in your dryer.

To get the last bit out, splash some beach onto a pair of old towels so they’re wet but not dripping wet.

Wear gloves and eye protection when you’re doing this! The last thing you want is to burn your hands or get bleach in your eye.

Put the towels in your dryer and run an ordinary cycle, then look for any remaining ink.

If there’s still ink left over, wet the towels again and run them through another cycle.


Does Magic Eraser Remove Ink From Dryer Tumblers?


Other Ink Removal Methods

There are many ways to remove ink from a dryer tumbler.

If you don’t have a Magic Eraser on hand, try one of these methods:

Use rubbing alcohol.

Alcohol is a powerful enough solvent to break down and dissolve the ink.

Find a rag that you don’t mind staining – the ink will end up in the fabric.

Then dampen the rag with some rubbing alcohol.

Blot the ink gently, and it should come off easily.

This works well for smaller stains, but it can get tedious if there’s a large amount of ink in the dryer.

Use an insect repellant.

Several insect repellants contain chemicals that will dissolve ink.

One of the most effective brands is Off, which you probably have in your house already.

Spray the bug repellant directly on the ink stain, then wait for around 30 seconds and wipe the area clean with paper towels.

Try nail polish remover.

Apply some nail polish remover to a rag, and rub the stain.

Use light pressure as you would on your nails, and the ink will come off.

Use shampoo.

Not all shampoos are capable of removing ink, but the most powerful ones can do the job.

Ideally, the shampoo should be labeled “full-strength” or something similar.

Rub the shampoo directly onto the ink and wipe it away with a cloth.


General Cleaning Tips

Before attempting any cleaning method, consult your owner’s manual.

Depending on the finish inside the tumbler, some chemicals and methods may not be safe.

Your manufacturer may also offer tips that are specific to your dryer model.

Any time you clean your dryer, unplug it from the wall.

The last thing you want is for it to start running while you’re inside.

You also don’t want to get shocked if you’re using water.

Just remember to plug it back in before you run your bleach-soaked towels.


In Summary – The Magic Eraser Can Remove Ink From Your Dryer

The Magic Eraser isn’t just an effective way of removing ink from your dryer; it’s the best possible way.

That said, even the Magic Eraser can use some help.

To get the best results, follow up with some baking soda paste and bleach-soaked towels.

After that much cleaning, the inside of your dryer will be ink-free.




Can the Magic Eraser remove ink from my clothes?


The Magic Eraser is an abrasive pad that works by scrubbing.

It won’t remove ink from your clothes, and it can even damage them.

The best way to remove ink stains from clothing is to use a purpose-built stain removal product.


Can I use a Magic Eraser on stainless steel or glass?

Yes, but you need to be careful.

Stainless steel is easy to scratch, so you need to scrub gently.

The same goes for the inside of a glass door.

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