Does the Chamerblain Myq Work With Alexa?

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To cut it short, Chamberlain MyQ’s smart home garage doesn’t work natively with Alexa.

What is the Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Opener?

A smart garage door opener is a fantastic experience every smart door opener device shopper looks forward to.

MyQ is an excellent garage door opener, and most shoppers always ask one question. Does the Chamberlain MyQ work with Alexa? And the answer to this question is the greatest downfall or misdoing for this device.

One of those reasons is its security. It would be disastrous if you found that your garage could be opened with just a simple open command to Alexa.

This is a security gap, and the company wouldn’t want any liability or legalities after an event like that.

To avoid all this, Chamberlain likely won’t allow any time soon direct integration with Alexa. The other reason why Chamberlain MyQ doesn’t work with Alexa is that Chamberlain doesn’t seem to find how it can profit from working with Alexa.

Not unless Chamberlain users boycott its product and demand for Alexa, this is not going to change any time soon.

Does the Chamerblain Myq Work With Alexa?

There are so many inquiries on how to use Alexa with chamberlain MyQ, the truth of the matter is you cannot use MyQ smart garage door with Alexa, but smart garage door openers have been hacked, and MyQ app has been reverse engineered to open garage doors with your voice.

This is not recommended, and the company may not be liable for any of the damages which may occur.

This can be criminal and may attract some penalties if you have sued for reverse-engineering the app, without proper authorization from MyQ.

Chamberlain Smart home garage has a standard procedure on how to set it up either on your Apple IOS mobile device or just your Android mobile device.

But before that, you have to make sure that your garage door opener is compatible with MyQ Smart Garage and MyQ garage.

Otherwise, you will be in trouble. Also, you must have a smartphone or a tablet either running on android or IOS.

And finally, you must have a robust Wi-Fi network.

How to connect an iPhone / Android to your Chamberlain MyQ

Begin by creating a MyQ account that is if you do not have one, and if you do follow these steps:

  1. Log into the MyQ app on the device setup screen, go ahead and tap on MyQ Smart Garage Hub.
  2. On the “What you need,” screen review and click next to continue to the next procedure.
  3. Continue and plug the MyQ Smart Home Garage hub and click next on your Screen.
  4. At this point, if you have a blinking blue light, please tap YES. Contrarily if you do not have a blinking blue light, continue pressing on the gear button until a flashing blue light is seen.
  5. Press and don’t release until the hub beeps.
  6. Those actions are to reset the MyQ smart home Garage hub.
  7. Next, unplug and finally re-plug it back to the hub.
  8. On the back of the hub, go ahead and scan the ten-digit serial numbers and if it’s not possible to scan, continue and enter them manually at the bottom of your screen and tap did when finished.
  9. Then stay and join or connect into your wireless network by clicking JOIN.
  10. From a list of Wi-Fi available, select your Wi-Fi, and you will be prompted to enter a password, click next once you entered your password.
  11. On your Screen, tap on added Wi-Fi screen. Go ahead and remove the tab in your door sensor and click next.
  12. At this point, you can test your door sensors as indicated on the app by pressing the button and then click next to move on.
  13. On the door sensor press and release the button, and it’s expected that the smart garage hub will produce a beep sound and flash out some light. If, by doing this, nothing happens, please continue and troubleshoot your door sensor.
  14. Move on and tap next on the pair to the motor screen (Don’t click next without reading the warnings).
  15. Access garage door motor and click next, you will be prompted to select the brand and make of your garage door opener.
  16. Continue to click on locating you learn button and press and promptly release the learn button on the garage door opener motorhead—tap next, which will initiate your garage door to move.
  17. Make sure the opener is paired and click next. You will be prompted to provide a name for your garage, once done please mount your smart garage hub and click finish when the hub is successfully installed and test by tapping the garage on the app to activate your door.

Your IOS / Android device should now be connected to MyQ, if you’re having issues please let me know in the comments!

Does the Chamerblain Myq Work With Alexa?

Chamberlain MyQ Requirements

Chamberlain MyQ sensor has a minimum set of requirements for router settings. Below are the minimum recommended settings for a router.

Begin by making sure that your network is set to broadcast and not hidden.

You should have DHCP enabled. This setting allows your router to assign the IP address to the MyQ device.

Have you enabled 2.4 GHz on your router?

MyQ Wi-Fi devices support only 2.4 GHz.The other setting recommended you have 802.1b/g/n enabled. MyQ smart home garage door does not support 802.11 ac.

You should also have your router set to WPA2. If you have mixed-mode, WPA/WPA2 is not a recommended setting, and usually, if not always causes problems with MyQ Wi-Fi devices.

MyQ devices support other protocols, WEP and WPA security protocols are mostly recommended settings.

WPA2 and WPA3 enterprise settings, on the other hand, are not recommended settings as they are not supported and hence not compatible.
Router Wi-Fi channel is recommended to be set to a single-digit channel and not set to auto.

MyQ smart home garage device router usually requires the following ports to communicate to the servers effectively.

These ports are the TCP and UDP port 53 for internet gateway only, and Inbound and outbound TCP port 8883 open only.

Also, you have to verify and make sure that the ports are not blocked by firewalls in your devices or by your router.

Make sure you add the mac address of your MyQ device to your authorized list of devices. Finally, set the UDP timeout of 180 seconds.

Can Chamberlain MyQ be paired via Bluetooth?

Chamberlain MyQ can also be paired with Bluetooth devices, not just connected to Wi-Fi. This connection is usually essential when we have a poor Wi-Fi connection; you can always switch to your Bluetooth.

To install and pair MyQ smart garage, there are some sets of instructions that you must follow on your iOS device or your android device to have them matched.

For this connection to work with your garage, you must first forget the Wi-Fi settings previously installed. The following are the steps to follow for the iOS Bluetooth Wi-Fi setup.

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