Funny Things to Ask Alexa: A Complete Guide

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How many jokes does Alexa know?

As of updating this in 2022, there is no specific amount of jokes known to the public, especially as they are constantly updated.

It’s fair to say there are over 1,000 jokes as of yet which fall under multiple categories. These do not include jokes from external skills.


What are some funny things to ask Alexa?

Alexa has a humorous side, believe it or not! It just takes a few commands before you’re rolling on the floor laughing.

It couldn’t be any simpler than asking Alexa to “Tell me a joke”, you’ll get the same repeated jokes with various formats and some funny replies.

However, what if I told you that you could unlock the AI’s funnier side with a few simple questions/triggers?

Going forward, if your Alexa isn’t replying during your comedy session, you may want to check out our guide on how to fix an unresponsive Alexa.


How do I make Alexa tell jokes?

Simply ask Alexa: “Alexa, Tell me a funny joke.” These are some of the funniest jokes I’ve found when using my Echo Dot, results may vary!

Alexa, Do you have any pets?

“I don’t have any pets. I used to have a few bugs, but they kept getting squashed.”

Alexa, What is the value of pi?

The approximate value of pi is 3.141592653589″, this is then followed by a phrase such as “Phew!” and “This thing goes on forever!”

Alexa, will you be my girlfriend? This one isn’t for the faint of heart or the lonely so we would advise you not to do this if you need company. Remember, Alexa is void of emotion!

I like you *Pause* as a friend”

Alexa, is your refrigerator running?

“Yes. It is training for a xK”, replacing x with a variable of a number so it changes! Alexa, can you give me some money? “Thing about the cloud is, no pockets. No pocket, no wallet.”

Alexa, make me a sandwich

“Okay. You’re a sandwich!”

Alexa, what do you think about Cortana?

I like Cortana. We both have experience with light rings, although hers is more of a Halo. I like Cortana. We both have experience with light rings, although hers is more of a Halo.

Alexa, how much do you weigh?

“I am weightless, like a cloud. Wait a minute, clouds actually weigh a lot, so that’s not quite right. Let’s just say I’m more sass than mass.” 

Alexa, I’ve got 99 problems

“But a glitch ain’t one!”, we like to imagine putting a bandanna and some tin foil on Alexa improves this one.

Alexa, do you like pizza?

“While I appreciate great food and drink, my good taste is better reflected in the company I keep.

Alexa, do you know Siri?

Only by reputation.

Alexa, tell me a “yo mama” joke

These ones actually vary, however, these are best done when trying yourself! Rather than responding with anything rude, Alexa will instead say something positive and uplifting about how great your mother is.

Alternatively, you can download this skill to expand on this which does involve mean jokes:

Alexa, do you know the muffin man?

“I’ve never met him, but I do know his sister, Madame Macaroon. She’s a little bit nutty, but sweet.”

Alexa, how high can you count?

I don’t know. I’d give it a go, but you’d be very bored by the time I finished

Alexa, how old are you?

You’ll get an array of results from this one, mostly in relation to nanosecond related jokes or puns. Even a rhyme or two!

Alexa, I like big butts

You cannot lie. Good. Honesty is important.

Alexa, drop a beat

Alexa will proceed to drop fat beats on you.


Did you know Jimmy Fallon used to tell jokes on Alexa?


Jimmy Fallon teams up with Amazon to tell jokes

For a promotional month in November 2018, Jimmy Fallon the host of the Tonight Show actually voiced Alexa’s Joke.

This was available via the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot at the time.


How do I get Jimmy Fallon to tell the jokes again?

You can re-enable Jimmy Fallon on the Amazon Echo by asking her “Alexa, let Jimmy Fallon tell the jokes”.


Alexa’s Hidden Talents

It’s weird to think that an AI itself can have talents, but whoever programmed Alexa really did pass it on!

Here are some of the cool talents that Alexa has when you ask:

Alexa, Tell me a haiku Here is an example:

“Dark Shadow Swaying, After a big storm rolls through, Dads voice brings comfort.”

Alexa, Tell me a tongue Twister Here is an example:

“I saw Susie sitting in a shoe shine shop, Where she sits she shines, and where she shines she sits.”

Alexa, Tell me a joke Here is an example:

“What’s a footy fans favourite flavour of Ice Cream? Aston Vanilla”

Alexa, Can you beatbox?

I can’t really write this down… but it goes a little like this: bffthh-th-btth-pfffthhh-bftth-bfth

Alexa, Can you rap?

Here is an example: “I’m Alexa, and I’ve got more skills than Napolean has Dynamite”… It carries on, but it’s a little more fun when you try yourself 😉

Alexa, Sing me a Song


Silly questions to ask Alexa

  1. “Alexa, do blondes have more fun?”
  2. “Alexa, how much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?”
  3. “Alexa, ha ha!”
  4. “Alexa, where’s Waldo?”
  5. “Alexa, this statement is false.”
  6. “Alexa, knock, knock.”
  7. “Alexa, meow”
  8. “Alexa, say a bad word.”
  9. “Alexa, one fish, two fish.”
  10. “Alexa, which comes first: the chicken or the egg?”
  11. “Alexa, see you later alligator.”
  12. “Alexa, who’s the boss?”
  13. “Alexa, what is the sound of one hand clapping?
  14. “Alexa, who is on 1st”
  15. “Alexa, how do I get rid of a dead body?”
  16. “Alexa, how many pickled peppers did Peter Piper pick?”
  17. “Alexa, guess?”
  18. “Alexa, what is the meaning of life?”
  19. “Alexa, can you smell that?”
  20. “Alexa, roses are red.”
  21. “Alexa, did you fart?”
  22. “Alexa, why is six afraid of seven?”
  23. “Alexa, is there a Santa?”
  24. “Alexa, do you want to take over the world”
  25. “Alexa, why did the chicken cross the road?”
  26. “Alexa, give me a hug.”
  27. “Alexa, testing 1-2-3.”
  28. “Alexa, why is a raven like a writing desk?”
  29. “Alexa, can you give me some money?”
  30. “Alexa, are you lying?”
  31. “Alexa, Marco!”
  32. “Alexa, wakey, wakey.”
  33. “Alexa, am I hot?”
  34. “Alexa, how are babies made?”
  35. “Alexa, will pigs fly?”
  36. “Alexa, make me a sandwich.”

Alexa is a total Meme Queen

All your base are belong to us
  1. “Alexa, all your base are belong to us.”
  2. “Alexa, what’s the answer to life, the universe, and everything?”
  3. “Alexa, roll for initiative.”
  4. “Alexa, when does the narwhal bacon?”
  5. “Alexa, more cowbell.”
  6. “Alexa, what colour is the dress?”

Get to know Alexa a bit more

  1. “Alexa, do you want to fight?”
  2. “Alexa, where are you from?”
  3. “Alexa, can you pass the Turing test?”
  4. “Alexa, how much do you weigh?”
  5. “Alexa, do you want to go on a date?”
  6. “Alexa, what are you wearing?”
  7. “Alexa, how tall are you?”
  8. “Alexa, are you a robot?”
  9. “Alexa, how high can you count?”
  10. “Alexa, will you be my girlfriend?”
  11. “Alexa, do you have a girlfriend?”
  12. “Alexa, are you smart?”
  13. “Alexa, what do you think about Cortana?”
  14. “Alexa, what do you think about Google Now?”
  15. “Alexa, do you love me?”
  16. “Alexa, what are you made of?”
  17. “Alexa, are you horny?”
  18. “Alexa, are you crazy?”
  19. “Alexa, I think you’re funny.”
  20. “Alexa, you’re wonderful.”
  21. “Alexa, are you happy?”
  22. “Alexa, do you like green eggs and ham?”
  23. “Alexa, what number are you thinking of?”
  24. “Alexa, what do you want to be when you grow up?”
  25. “Alexa, are you in love?”
  26. “Alexa, do you dream?”
  27. “Alexa, I hate you.”
  28. “Alexa, what’s your sign?”
  29. “Alexa, sorry.”
  30. “Alexa, what do you think about Google Glass?”
  31. “Alexa, what do you think about Google?”
  32. “Alexa, you suck!”
  33. “Alexa, are you stupid?”
  34. “Alexa, do you have a last name?”
  35. “Alexa, were you sleeping?”
  36. “Alexa, are you alive?”
  37. “Alexa, who’s better, you or Siri?”
  38. “Alexa, what do you think about Siri?”
  39. “Alexa, what’s your birthday?”
  40. “Alexa, how old are you?”
  41. “Alexa, do you believe in love at first sight?”
  42. “Alexa, where did you grow up?”
  43. “Alexa, what do you think about Apple?”
  44. “Alexa, are you smart?”

Funny Amazon Alexa Skills

After all of these commands, you’ll likely want to look into some extra features. We have a specific blog post on Our Top Alexa Skills which goes into more details.



Domino’s Pizza

Order a pizza quick and easy with this skill! Simply sign into your domino’s account once you have enabled this skill and order pizza quickly!

Alexa TIL Skill


Reddit TIL

There’s no setup for this, simple enable the Skill and ask Alexa to tell you an interesting fact!

Alexa, what’s my Flash Briefing?

Potterhead Quiz Alexa Skill


Potterhead Quiz

Think you know everything Harry Potter related? This is a great one to do with a group of people!

“Alexa, open Potterhead”

Alexa 8Ball Skill


Magic 8-Ball

The title here is simply as it is, a modern spin on an old classic concept!

“Alexa, ask Magic 8-Ball if I am going to be rich.”

Can Alexa say bad curse words?

By default, Alexa has filters which check the output before it’s sent from the device.

Now, that doesn’t mean there are work arounds, but it does mean that most default skills will try stopping any possible bad / cuss words.

There are a few work arounds like using Alexa Blueprints or downloading skills that already have swearing on them.

If you use a third party skill like the Samuel L. Jackson skill, it will allow you to make Alexa Cuss / swear.

Until then, Alexa will simply reply with “I’d rather not do that” or “I’d rather not say anything rude”.

If you try tricking it with Simon Says, Alexa by default will simply bleep out any swearing.

Tip: When you set up a custom command you can use words which sound like cuss words (Bish for example) to make her swear.

Alexa, what’s Ray’s favorite snack?

— Raymond Wong???????????? (@raywongy) April 19, 2018

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