Google Home Light Not Responding

By SmartHomeBit Staff •  Updated: 01/02/23 •  5 min read

Google Home Lights are a quality way to access your lights, creating a connection between technology and illumination in your home.

However, there are cases when your Google Home Lights are not responding.

What are you to do when it’s necessary to lighten your house?


Check the Switch

Your Google Home must be on for the lights to work.

If there is any moment when they are off, Google Home will not work.

If the bulb has no access to power, it won’t be able to energize your intelligent home lighting system.

It’s also a quality idea to turn the switch on and off again.

Wait for a moment after turning it off, then bring the power back and attempt to reconnect your light to the smart home system.

If that doesn’t work, there might be something more wrong with your Google Home.

The network could be at fault.


Examine the Network

Without a proper connection to the internet, there is no way for your Google Home Lights to work.

The lights need a solid network to receive commands, and thus have no idea they are being asked to turn on.

To check the network, you should ensure the following:

These will clarify if the network is at fault with your unresponsive bulbs.

If all of these seem to be in the right place, attempt to restart your router and connect to the system.

If that attempt fails, it’s time to shift to the next tactic to get your lights to work again.


Google Home Light Not Responding


Remove and Add Lights Again

Rather than turning your lights off and on again, try removing and adding your lights to the system.

It’s easy to complete this process right from the Google app.

While you’re there, you should also remove devices that are not in use anymore.

To remove and add, you should:

This strategy has a high success rate.

Sometimes, removing and adding lights again will fix everything.

If it doesn’t, we have two more tactics you can try.


Reset Google Lights

One of the best ways to address light troubles is to reset the lights to factory settings and connect them back again.

Taking technology all the way to the ground level often solves minor malfunctions.

Many devices work straight from Google Home, but others may have apps attached to their design.

Determine the proper way to turn off the lights and reconnect them again.

Most apps will provide information on how to complete the process.

Once you’ve turned off your Google Lights, turn them on and reconnect them to their system.

If they still don’t work, we have one final suggestion to make them respond. 


Reset Google Home

Our last suggestion is to reset the Google Home itself.

Although Google Home is rarely the source of trouble, it’s possible.

Reset the device to determine if it’s the issue.

To reset the Google Home, you should hit the following buttons:

Once in storage, remove all data in the system.

With data gone, you can turn on the device and get everything set up again.

Allow necessary permissions and try your Google Light system again.

Hopefully, this solution should work if none of the other suggestions do.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I reset my Google Home lights?

It doesn’t take long to reset your Google Home lights, and it’s one of the best things you can do if they are unresponsive.

Locate the power button on your smart lights and prepare to turn them all the way off.

To reset your Google Lights, press power on your bulbs and turn them off.

Allow them to sit in this off position for at least ten seconds, leaving them alone the entire time.

Then, turn them back on and reconnect them to the system.


Why are my smart lights unresponsive?

Although smart lights are supposed to work perfectly, there are cases where they might not work.

It can be confusing to determine why your smart lights are suddenly unresponsive when they worked well before this moment.

Unless there is a serious malfunction, most smart lights stop working due to a small problem in the system.

The best thing you can do is perform a reset, whether that is on the bulbs themselves or the Google Home device.

This action should put everything back in its place and help the lights work again.


How do I get Google to turn on the lights?

If you have everything working again, it’s time to tell Google to turn on the lights.

How do you complete this process to bring illumination to your house in a smart way?

To get Google to turn on your lights, ensure the bulbs are connected.

Then, utilize your Google assistant.

Ask Google to turn on the lights and wait for the device to complete the action.

If it doesn’t work, you have unresponsive devices on hand.

SmartHomeBit Staff