How I make my own Click and Grow Soil

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 12/20/22 •  4 min read

Whilst I don’t have the specifics to the Click & Grow “Secret NASA inspired formula”, I do have some advice on how to make your own soil which will keep your plants healthy!

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Click & Grow’s Smart Soil animation

The Click and Grow Smart Soil is said to “Automatically release nutrients and Oxygen” for your plants. Whilst I’m not sure how they can boast this, they state that the Smart Soil releases nutriets in sync with the plant life cycle and keeps the pH balanced.

Personally, I think it just has enough nutritional sustainability for your plants growth lifecycle. So, what does this say about your own DIY soil?


How to make your own Click & Grow soil Mix

You don’t need to be a particularly good green fingers enthusiast to make your own soil, however, you may get dirty hands! So, if you are going to do this, set aside some space for nature to take control.

If you really want to excel this, you’re going to need a garden space to allow for small animals, worms, insects and microbes to do their work as they will help the nutrients in your soil flourish.


You’re going to need:


Optional extras:

The optional extras WILL smell badly and should be done in your garden. For your home/flat, simply set aside a container and follow these steps.


Step 1: Pour Soil into your Plastic Container

You’ll need to pour your soil into your container and move it around, try and break it up as much as possible before we start adding your manure pellets and soil bloom. Once it’s broken up, move onto the next step.

This part really depends on how much soil and compost you wish to use. Your compost will be from broken down feces, fruits and vegetables etc.

Pour a layer of soil down first so you can’t see the bottom of your container, this shouldn’t be thicker than 5cm tall.


Step 2: Pour Compost into your Plastic Container

Now add a 1-2 cm line of Compost on-top of your soil and once you’re happy with it, start mixing and breaking this up to release the minerals and nutrients.

It’s worth noting, in most cases, you want the microbes to eat away at the compost.

If you want, add some wood chips, leaves and broken down parts of natural life into this.

WARNING: It’s not abnormal to accidentally pick up one or two bugs and even a higher potential for mould to grow.


Step 3: Add the Soil Bloom (Optional)

This is said to speed up the process of your plant growth, but that’s not what we’re interested in. I’m only suggesting you add a few tablespoons worth of Soil bloom to your mixture as you just want to add to the nutrients and not overpower / make it toxic.


Step 4: Pour your mixture into a nursery bag

We’re so close to the finishing line, the pods you get from Click & grow are very small, so you may need to tweak this based on where you get your nursery bags, however, I suggest a Degradable Non-Woven nursing bag. You can get these in bags of 100 – 200 really easily off Amazon or ebay.

I find a small scoop helps here, even a the Tablespoon you used earlier for the soil bloom.

Leave around 1cm from the top and make a small hole in the middle which goes down around 3-4cm, place your manure pellet at the bottom of this hole and add your soil ontop, (Still leaving the 1cm top).


Step 5: Sprinkle your seeds ontop

No need for too many, just a few seeds, maybe 2-3 and you’ll be good to go. The seeds will naturally try and sprout looking for water and dig into the soil.



Personally, I’m too lazy to do this regularly, but if you’re into a gardening hobby and can’t keep away with getting your hands dirty, this is perfect for you.

You can create your own Create & Click soil in no time, easily in the space of an evening.

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