How To Reset The Filter On Your Samsung Fridge

By SmartHomeBit Staff •  Updated: 12/29/22 •  6 min read

If you’re like us, you love your Samsung phones.

We were delighted to know that much of that same technology is available in one of the best devices in your home- the refrigerator! However, what can you do when the filter light on your Samsung fridge is acting oddly? How can you replace your filter?

However, not every Samsung model operates the same.

How can you make sure that you’re properly resetting the filter on your Samsung fridge?

Will you need to replace the filter?

How can you safely change the filter in your fridge?

Read on to learn everything that you’ll need to know about your Samsung fridge!


How To Reset The Filter On Your Samsung Refrigerator

Thankfully, resetting the filter on your Samsung refrigerator is simple, regardless of the variety that may exist between models.

You can tell when your filter requires a reset because the light will turn orange with high usage and eventually turn red when it has reached its certified limit.


Search For The Right Button

In all Samsung refrigerator models, the reset filter process consists of holding down a particular button for three seconds.

However, this button may vary between models.

Some models will have a dedicated filter reset button on their user interface.

On others, it is the same button as its alarm mode, energy saver mode, or water dispensing mode.

Thankfully, you don’t need a user manual to identify which button serves as the filter reset on your fridge.

In all Samsung models, the applicable button will have smaller text underneath it that indicates its status.

This text will say “Hold 3 sec for Filter Reset.


How To Reset The Filter On Your Samsung Fridge


What Happens If The Reset Light Is Still On?

Sometimes your reset filter light might stay on after you’ve completed a filter change and reset.

We understand that this can be irritating- it’s certainly confused us before- but this is the nature of technology.

Your refrigerator doesn’t understand your intent as a human!

If your light is still on, there may be several underlying mechanical issues that you can diagnose and easily fix.


Check Your Installation

The reset filter might still be on because of an improper installation.

First, make sure that you installed your filter properly.

Ensure that it is properly seated in the filter housing.

Next, make sure that you have a legitimate Samsung water filter.

If you’ve purchased a bootleg product, it may not work with your Samsung refrigerator.


Check Your Buttons

Sometimes the buttons on a Samsung refrigerator may “lock,” and none of them will work.

Your user manual will have distinct instructions on how to unlock the buttons of your specific Samsung refrigerator model if you so need them.


How To Replace Your Samsung Refrigerator’s Water Filter

If you are still having problems after resetting the filter, you may want to consider replacing the filter entirely.


Determine Which Filter Is Right For Your Model

Samsung utilizes three different types of water filters for their refrigerators; the HAF-CIN, the HAF-QIN, and the HAFCU1.

If you purchase the wrong type, it will not work with your model refrigerator.

Your user manual should contain the relevant information to identify your water filter.

If it does not contain the model number, it will instruct you on how to find your fridge’s water filter casing so you can identify it yourself.


Turn Off Your Water Supply

Next, you must turn off the water supply in your refrigerator to keep yourself safe and clean during the operation.


Remove And Replace

Your water filter will have a cover that you must open to replace it.

Open the cover and then remove the old filter by rotating it counterclockwise.

This rotation will unlock the old water filter from its position and allow you to pull it out of the filter housing without any resistance.

To install your new filter, remove its protective cap and push it into the same filter housing.

Twist it clockwise and ensure that the locking symbols match up.


Reset The Filter Button

Your next step is to reset the filter button.

This process is simple but may vary depending on the model of your refrigerator.

Thankfully, the overall process is similar between all models and Samsung has provided special indicators to help you identify where their models will differ – please refer to the steps at the top of the article for help with this.


In Summary

Ultimately, you shouldn’t feel worried about the filter light on your Samsung fridge.

We’ve had ours for a while, and we quickly learned that it’s there to help us, not warn us of some cataclysm.

As long as you keep your filter clean and regularly replace it, you don’t have anything to worry about!


Frequently Asked Questions


How Often Should I Change The Filter In My Samsung Refrigerator?

Samsung recommends that you should change your fridge filter every six months.

If you don’t feel like performing regular maintenance, you can wait until the refrigerator’s filter indicator light activates, but we’ve found that only means your filter is in dire need of cleaning and is no longer effective.

Samsung water filters utilize carbon media to clean and filter your water, and this carbon filter is only certified to handle a certain amount of water.

Typically, the threshold lies at six months worth of water usage.

If you have a smaller household than the national average, or you don’t go through as much water as most people, you might be able to extend the lifespan of your filter by a few months.


Can My Samsung Refrigerator Work Without A Filter?

Typically, yes.

Your Samsung refrigerator will work perfectly fine without a filter.

Depending on which model of refrigerator you have, you might need to leave a cap on the filter.

In other models, you can keep the filter entirely uninstalled.

Make sure to consult your user’s manual to determine what your model refrigerator requires.

Samsung designs their device’s filter housings as rotary valves, which bypass a filter if it is absent or improperly installed so that you can continue to use your refrigerator as normal in the case of an uninstalled or damaged water filter.

If you’ve reset the filter on your Samsung fridge only to find that you don’t have a replacement filter, you can rest easy knowing that your fridge will work as well as usual until you buy a new filter.

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