How To Reset Your Philips TV

By SmartHomeBit Staff •  Updated: 12/29/22 •  6 min read

Something is wrong with your Philips TV.

No matter what your issue is, you’ve spent far too much time Googling solutions to no avail.

We’ve all been there; what can you do about these issues?

However, you might ask yourself if it’s worth it.

Should you reset your Philips TV? When is this action warranted? How do you reset your TV if you don’t have a remote to control your device with?

We’ve experienced this all before, so we know how troubling and annoying it can all seem.

However, don’t worry- resetting your Philips TV is far less challenging than you might expect!

Read on to learn how to reset your Philips TV.

  1. First, locate your settings menu. You can access this menu via the gear icon on your home screen.
  2. Scroll down to your general settings. Here, you will find an option that says “factory settings.”
  3. Select the factory settings option and confirm your choice.

It’s that easy!


How To Reset Your Philips TV Without A Remote Control

If you don’t have a remote control, you might be worried that you can’t reset your Philips TV.

However, you don’t need to worry!

Here is how to reset your Philips TV without a remote control.

  1. Ensure that your child-lock feature is disabled. You cannot reset your TV without a remote if you have this feature active.
  2. Simultaneously press the volume up and volume down buttons. This action will activate your TV’s menu.
  3. Use the P+ and P- buttons to navigate your menu. Your Volume Up button will select an option, while Volume Down will go backward.
  4. Scroll down to your general settings. Here, you will find an option that says “factory settings.”
  5. Select the factory settings option and confirm your choice.


How To Reset Your Philips TV


When Should You Reset Your Philips TV?

As with any other TV, a Philips device can experience a litany of issues.

However, not all of these problems require a full reset.

Some of these problems will fix themselves when you restart or power cycle your TV.

If your Philips TV is experiencing mild operating issues, always restart or power cycle it before a factory reset.

However, these methods will not always work.

Here are some of the issues you must keep an eye out for.


Slow Or Malfunctioning Programs

In the modern era, many televisions are “Smart TVs” and come with a battery of applications, from games to video-hosting sites such as YouTube.

If your apps and programs seem irreparably slow, you might need to reset your TV.

A software glitch may be interfering with your TV’s operations.

However, slow applications are also often the result of a poor internet connection.

Consider resetting your router or modem before enacting a factory reset on your TV.


Faulty Or Slow System Startup

If your Philips TV takes forever to boot up, it’s probably not an internet connectivity issue.

In our experience, a slow or disrupted startup sequence is a telltale sign of a software issue.

As always, attempt power cycling your TV before utilizing a factory reset.

However, a factory reset is all but certain to restore your Philips TV to its former operating speeds.


Regular Picture Disruptions

our TV may experience regular picture disruptions, such as freezing, lagging, or distorted images.

We’ve certainly experienced these issues before on a variety of models, so don’t worry- it’s not just your Philips TV!

Regular picture disruptions can result from anything from minor screen tearing to severe issues such as a blank or black screen.

There are many reasons that your Philips TV might have picture disruptions of any variety, but the most common issue is some form of a software glitch.

However, a picture disruption should not directly result in you resetting your Philips TV.

Remember that resetting a device is a significant action, and you should only undertake it if you have exhausted most other reasonable options.

First, you should ensure that your Philips TV has a secure and stable connection to its power and display cables.

If your Philips TV has connection issues with its cables, you may experience visual disruptions, among other display and power issues.

Before you reset your Philips TV, ensure that your TV is plugged into a functioning outlet with a secure cable connection.

Also, make sure that your device’s display cables are hooked up, as a loose cable can result in a disrupted picture that a factory reset can fix!


How Can Resetting A Philips TV Help You?

In this case, a reset does not mean turning your device off and back on again.

As with televisions from many other brands, a factory reset will restore your Philips device to its default state, fresh from the manufacturer.

This reset process will typically update it to the latest software and wipe any settings and applications that may cause conflicts.

Functionally, it will seem as if you’ve received a new television!


In Summary

Ultimately, there are plenty of reasons that you might want to reset your Philips TV.

However, you must be careful. It’s not always as fatal an issue as you might expect!

We’ve had to reset plenty of televisions over the years, so don’t get upset- it’s not just your Philips TV acting up.

Unfortunately, this is a common part of owning a TV!


Frequently Asked Questions


Is There A Reset Button On My Philips TV?

There is no physical reset button on your Philips TV.

However, if your TV turns on without displaying an image, you can use physical buttons on your TV or remote- such as the settings, channel, and volume buttons- to navigate your settings menu and find your device’s virtual reset button.


Can I Reset My Philips TV If It Won’t Turn On?

No. If your TV doesn’t turn on, you cannot reset it, as you must navigate your TV’s menu to reach the reset button.

If your TV doesn’t turn on, try unplugging its power source and holding the power button down for 30 seconds.

This action will power cycle your TV and may get it to start back up temporarily so you can manually press your reset button.

If a power cycle does not fix your television, contact Philips for more troubleshooting solutions.

If your TV is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, you may be entitled to a new unit.

Additionally, your Philips TV might not turn on due to a faulty outlet or improperly plugged-in power cables.

Try managing your cables before resorting to a factory reset.

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