How To Turn On Alexa Whisper Mode

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Alexa is a loud device, and her voice can be disruptive in a home.

If you want a quieter voice, Alexa whisper mode is your answer.

Those who want to access that lower volume might wonder how to turn on Alexa whisper mode.

How do you access the secret?


Open the App

First, you must open the Amazon Alexa application.

You should be logged into your account and your Amazon device should be paired to the system for easy access.

If you don’t have the app, it’s available in iOS and the Android store for simple downloads.

Once you are in the application, ensure the information is correct to make changes to the right Amazon device.

If everything looks good, you are in good condition for the next steps.

Familiarize yourself with the app if you’ve never been here before.

Once you’re comfortable, it’s time to move forward to the next step of Amazon whisper mode.


Locate the Proper Tab

Next, it’s time to navigate to the proper tab.

Examine your app and locate the three lines in the upper left corner.

Once you are there, click on it and wait to move to the main menu.

Once in the main menu, search for the settings button and click on it.

Wait for the settings to appear and move on to the next step. 


How To Turn On Alexa Whisper Mode


Find Settings And Scroll

Once in settings, scroll until you find the Alexa Account button.

Click on it and wait to navigate to the next page.

When you’re in this section, it’s time to activate Alexa whisper mode.

Ensure you don’t exit out of this section or click on any of the other settings.


Enable Whisper Mode

Now that you’re here, press the Alexa Voice Responses button.

Push the button to toggle the setting into the on position.

Once here, you should have whisper mode enabled.

With the button pressed, you can exit out of whisper mode.

When you speak to your Alexa, she will respond in a lowered tone.

If this system seems too complicated, it’s possible to use your voice to turn on the whisper setting.

Let’s talk about it. 


Consider Voice Command

If this process seems too complicated for you, it’s always possible to activate whisper mode with your voice.

You can speak to your Amazon Echo or a similar speaker device, such as an Amazon TV.

To turn on the setting with your voice:

Everything should be in place after this point.

If the voice command doesn’t work, you can always revert back to the other whisper mode steps to get the job done.

It will come in handy for your life, whether you have it in a home or place of business. 


Frequently Asked Questions


What is Alexa’s Whisper Mode?

Alexa’s whisper mode is a way to turn down the traditional response volume of Alexa, making her much less disruptive.

She will literally whisper answers to you, taking on a low tone to be as subtle as possible.

Whisper mode also allows the device to hear and understand commands whispered in its direction.

You don’t have to disturb sleeping babies or rile up your children to kick off your need through your Amazon device.


Is Alexa secretly listening?

It’s creepy to think that Alexa is always listening.

However, it’s critical to note that this listening is passive.

It isn’t taking in everything you say.

Instead, it waits to hear a designated command leave your lips. 

It’s necessary for Alexa to passively listen to complete the common as soon as possible.

If it didn’t have this mode, users would need to press buttons or turn the device on and off for listening purposes.


Can I make Alexa scream?

Some want to make Alexa quieter, while others have an interest in making the device as loud as possible.

With the right words, it’s possible to make your Alexa scream.

Once in range, tell your Alexa to play a scary sound.

Once you set a time, your Amazon device will scream at the designated moment.

It’s an excellent way to have fun and play a prank on those you love in your household.


Can Alexa make ghost sounds?

Many people may confuse Alexa’s iconic whisper mode with ghost noises.

Although these are separate things, it’s possible for Alexa to make ghost sounds if you want a spooky ambiance or to play a prank on someone else in your household.

If you say to the device, “Alexa, start Spooky Halloween Sounds”, your Amazon tool will turn on scary noises.

It will play almost an hour of scary sounds, looping them so it sounds like the noises never stop.

It certainly isn’t quiet, but it might be creepy for occupants.


Why use Alexa’s Whisper Mode?

Most people get an Alexa to speak to them loudly, provide answers, and play music.

Why would you want to access Alexa’s whisper mode?

There are many reasons people use this setting on their devices.

A loud Alexa can cause chaos in a home, especially if you have a sleeping baby or small children.

Use Alexa whisper mode to get stuff done without waking babies, inciting children, or sparking internal anxiety with loud responses.

It will also keep things calm if you have an Alexa in your place of work.

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