How to watch a Blink Camera on a Firestick

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 05/27/20 •  4 min read

How to watch your Blink Camera on your TV / Firestick

Extra security will give you that peace of mind that you have always been looking for in your home.

Now, most people already feel secure in their homes, which is a great thing. However, what about the moments that you are not at home? Is your property secured?

A Blink camera will give you the added security that you need in your home.

Understand that living in a secure environment enables you to focus on more important matters.

You don’t have to worry about the safety of a delivered package when you are not around your house.

Installing a Blink camera on your Firestick/TV is not as simple as it seems, and we understand the frustration.

In this article, we are going to take an in-depth look at how to watch Blink camera on your TV/Firestick.

How to watch a Blink Camera on a Firestick
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How to use Blink Camera for home security

The Blink camera is an outdoor and indoor camera that ensures that your home is effectively secured. You get live view surveillance of your home and motion-triggered clips. It features a weather-resistant construction, ensuring that you are always protected.

With the Blink camera, you get a lot of features at an affordable price. Some of the features that I found to be rather appealing during purchase include the following:

Using Firestick and Blink

Checking on your camera is made easy with the Blink camera. Let’s say you get a Blink notification concerning detected motion, or you hear something. You can quickly look up what is going on using your Fire TV stick.

Using your Firestick, you can simply tell Alexa to show you the back door camera should you hear something lurking around in your backyard. Within just a few moments, Alexa will broadcast whatever is happening in your backyard right on your TV.

This is a simple task that Alexa can handle, provided you specify the camera that you want to be displayed on your screen. The Firestick will also let you control and launch your favorite content using the integrated Alexa Voice Remote.

Connecting your Blink camera with your TV/Firestick

Watching your Blink camera on your TV/Firestick from your living room can be a cool experience. When installed correctly, you get a seamless security experience that is easy to operate. Below is a step by step instructional to help you connect your Blink camera and TV/Firestick.

Easy to set up

Blink Skill on Alexa

You don’t require any tools or expert skills to connect your Blink camera to the Firestick. When you purchase a Blink camera, you get the included mount to help you with the installation.

Start by picking a spot where you need to install your camera. Mounting the Blink camera is fast and straightforward, thanks to the included mount. All you need to do is plug in the Blink camera, and you are good to go.

Once you have your Blink camera setup in the right location, you need to install your TV Firestick. Start by plugging in your Firestick to the TV. Use the dedicated port and power up your device. Once you are connected to the internet, your device will ask you to connect to your streaming accounts.

Now that you have both your Blink camera and Firestick installed, the next step is linking the two. Start by downloading the Alexa app. When you are done with the download and installation, you need to enable Blink sill on both devices. This step requires both your Firestick and Blink camera to be plugged into the power source.

You will be prompted to start naming your cameras. Ensure that you follow all the prompts to have a seamless connection. The entire set up process takes a few minutes to complete, which is excellent if you ask me.

You can start testing out your connection and learning the different commands. The easy setup design of the Blink camera and Firestick ensure that you can start feeling safe in a matter of minutes.


We all have to admit that security is paramount in our homes. Connecting your Blink camera to your Firestick ensures that you get a full closed-circuit security system at an affordable price. You get to monitor every activity in and around your home, thus increasing your security greatly.

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