How to watch Twitch on a Smart TV

Back in around 2016, I used to stream on Twitch to around 100-1000 viewers depending on the game, if I had known how much more popular Twitch and eSports would be on TV I would have stuck with it.

Watching Twitch on your TV is much easier if you have a Smart TV, if you don’t, not to worry you can simply convert your Dumb TV into a Smart TV.

Watching Twitch from the comfort of your sofa is great if you watch League of Legends LCS or World. Hell, it used to be great for watching Dr Disrespect until he got banned (Ouch).

Prior to a recent update, Twitch never had the ability to cast directly from your Smart Phone to your TV, however, now you can download an App to most smart TVs directly or simply cast from your PC to your Television.

How to stream Twitch to your TV from your PC

As of right now, you do need Google Chrome to cast to your Smart TV or other devices on your network like your Echo Show.

You can do this with Firefox, by enabling browser.casting.enabled = true on the URL page about:config.

Enable Cast on Firefox
This only applies for Firefox

Once you have casting enabled or are using Google Chrome, select the three dots or lines (Burger Menu) followed by “cast”.

This will give you a set of devices on your network that can be cast to.

This will be any Echo device with a screen, casting devices and your Smart TVs.

How to cast from Google Chrome / Firefox

How to watch Twitch on a Smart TV without casting

If you’re looking to just use your Smart Home Apps, you’re in luck! Most TVs offer a specific “App Store”, Android based TVs use the Google Play Store, so you’ll need to pick the one which works for your specific model of TV.

If you can’t find a Twitch App in the Store, you may need to use a third party device like an Amazon FireStick which does have a Twitch App you can install.

How do I watch Twitch on my Samsung Smart TV without casting?

There’s a third party application which may help if you still wish to cast from your phone to the Smart TV.

The Tubio App can be downloaded from the iOS, Android and Samsung Store, once done, simply select the cast icon in the bottom right of your screen.

Select your Television from the list of devices that appear, you should make sure you’re on the same network as the TV.

From here, search “” in the search bar, find Twitch and press play as you would through any internet browser.

Now, it’s not amazing and it is a work around to Twitch’s inability to provide a “cast” option, but it does get the job done.

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