What To Do When Your Kindle Won’t Wake Up

By SmartHomeBit Staff •  Updated: 12/25/22 •  6 min read

Technology is ever-changing and constantly advancing to new heights.

New devices pop up every day, but one that everybody seems to love is the e-reader, including models such as Kindles.

But what happens when your Kindle won’t wake up?

How can you diagnose the issues your Kindle faces? Is your Kindle permanently broken, and if so, what can you do about it?

We love our Kindle, but we know it can get fickle, like all pieces of technology seem to do.

Thankfully, fixing your Kindle may not be as challenging as you expect.

Read on to learn what to do when your Kindle doesn’t wake up!


Use A New Charging Cable

Sometimes, the issue is not with your Kindle at all.

Many times, when a Kindle won’t wake up, the cause is a charging issue.

Your Kindle may have a far lower battery charge than you expected.

Your Kindle may be in perfect shape, but your charging device may not! Many charging cables or charging bricks face constant use and do not feature as strong construction as the devices they are paired with.

Your charging cable may have an interior tear that you cannot fix.

Try using another cable to charge your Kindle.

If this fixes your issue, you know that your old charging cable was damaged!

If you’re anything like us, you have plenty of charging cables lying around- you might not need to purchase any new ones just for this test.


What To Do When Your Kindle Won't Wake Up


Plug Your Kindle In Somewhere Else

Charging issues are the most frequent major causes of kindles that will not wake up.

However, sometimes, most of the functions you would expect to partake in the charging process are not at fault.

Most people leave their Kindles in one spot to charge throughout the day, rarely moving their charging stations around the house.

We like to charge our Kindles in convenient spots, like in the living room or on an end table.

Consider unplugging your charging cable and brick and plugging them into a new outlet.

If your Kindle now holds a charge, your last outlet may have faulty wiring! Consider consulting an electrician to test your outlets.


Hold Its Power Button Down Longer

If you’ve encountered a startup issue with your smartphone, you’ve likely heard one piece of advice multiple times. 

Everybody says that you should hold your power button down for an extended period, typically between 1 and 2 minutes.

Kindle devices are no exception to this rule.

Slide the power button and hold it for around 50 seconds.

In most cases, you will not have to hold it for longer than this, but some Kindle users have reported needing to hold it for upwards of two minutes.


Make Sure Its Batteries Work

We have covered all the scenarios where your Kindle is not the root of the charging issue.

However, sometimes, your Kindle may malfunction.

It may not be a wise idea to open your Kindle up and check its batteries, as this will void its warranty.

If your Kindle is within its warranty, consider sending it to Amazon to receive a new one before opening it up.

If your Kindle’s warranty has already expired, you or a trusted professional can open the back of your Kindle and check the state of its battery connector. 

If the battery is not fully connected, you know your issue and can either have it repaired or purchase a new one.


Force Reboot Your Kindle

If your Kindle does not wake up, it may not be because of a charging issue.

Your Kindle may have experienced some form of software failure.

Consider force rebooting your Kindle.

Hold the power button down again and wait until it restarts to force a full reboot.

A full reboot will not wipe your files or change anything in your Kindle, aside from simply turning it off and back on again.

If your Kindle has a software issue, it should start working properly now.

If not, you have one other course of action to undertake before you should seriously consider sending it back to Amazon for a new one.


Factory Reset Your Kindle

If your Kindle’s problems subsist, consider undergoing a full factory reset.

Once you reset your kindle, you must re-adjust all settings back to your preferred specs.

If your Kindle still does not wake up or it faces any new or existing minor software issues, then the odds are high that something inside of it has broken, and you must either get a new Kindle or have your current one repaired.


In Summary

Unfortunately, there are many reasons that your Kindle may not wake up.

However, this is not inherently negative.

For every issue with your kindle, there are several ways to fix it!

Ultimately, you must pay close attention to software issues and the charging capabilities of your device if you want to determine any startup issues in the future.


Frequently Asked Questions


Should I Just Get A New Kindle?

Sometimes, repairing your Kindle may not feel like it’s worth the hassle or the effort, especially if you own an older model.

If you have spare money and have been looking for an excuse to buy a new Kindle anyway, now may be the perfect opportunity to fulfill your dreams.

If your Kindle is still under warranty, Amazon will replace it for free, assuming that its damage does not stem from you or a third party.

This option is particularly viable if you have faced other issues with your Kindle in the past.


Who Can I Call For Repairs?

If your Kindle is still under its warranty, you don’t want to open it up and repair it yourself. 

Doing so would nullify the warranty and eliminate your chances of receiving a new Kindle if your device declines even further.

When your Kindle is under warranty, you can send it back to Amazon for a replacement, but Amazon does not repair its Kindles. 

However, if you want your Kindle repaired, you must find another source. 

Many local electronics shops will repair your device for a price, so if your Kindle’s warranty has expired, they are a great option.

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