What Can I Do If My Moen Garbage Disposal Isn’t Working?

By SmartHomeBit Staff •  Updated: 12/25/22 •  6 min read

A garbage disposal may be one of the devices that homeowners take for granted the most.

The odds are high that you don’t think of your garbage disposal until it breaks.

If you have a Moen garbage disposal, what happens when it stops working?

How can you fix your Moen garbage disposal?

When does an error warrant resetting, and how do you reset it when it comes to it?

If it’s broken beyond repair, does your warranty cover it?

We’ve found that fixing Moen’s garbage disposals is easier than you’d expect, especially with a jam or a minor power issue.

As long as you have a simple set of household tools, you can get it done in no time.

Read on to learn everything that you need to know about when a Moen garbage disposal reset may be necessary.


When Should I Reset My Moen Garbage Disposal?

Resetting any device, particularly one with an electric power source, can be a powerful method to fix any issues or bugs in the system.

Moen garbage disposals are no exception.

Resetting your Moen garbage disposal should be both your first and last step when troubleshooting or repairing your device.

If there is a simple electrical fault or power failure, an initial reset may fix it without requiring any other changes.

On the other hand, if you have made alterations or repairs to your Moen garbage disposal, a reset can help remove all existing power and provide the system with a sort of refresh.

However, you shouldn’t simply reset your garbage disposal plenty of times.

First, you should attempt to diagnose any potential issues with your garbage disposal


What Can I Do If My Moen Garbage Disposal Isn’t Working?


Is Your Garbage Disposal Jammed?

One of the most common issues with garbage disposals is that they jam frequently, especially when under the stress of far too much food matter.

One easy way to check if your garbage disposal has experienced a jam is to turn it on and listen to it.

If it is humming without moving, like it is attempting to move, it is likely jammed.

However, you shouldn’t let it run while jammed- this can burn out the motor as it attempts to move. 

First, turn off your garbage disposal and remove the splash guard.

Use a flashlight and a pair of pliers or tongs to remove as much foreign matter as possible from your garbage disposal.

Use a dedicated un-jamming wrench or wooden spoon to manually move your garbage disposal and unjam it. 

The garbage disposal will move if you have fully cleaned your jam, especially if only soft food matter remains.

Now, you can reset the garbage disposal’s motor.


Is It Food Matter, Or Something More Solid?

A garbage disposal is designed to dispose of food matter.

However, it can only handle so much soft food matter- you should not dump several pounds of pasta into your garbage disposal.

If your garbage disposal jam mostly consists of soft food matter, you can manually remove most of it with your tongs or pliers without much effort.

However, harder materials, such as nails or silverware, may pose a greater issue.

If a solid item has jammed your garbage disposal, you want to run it as little as possible, as it is more likely to burn out your motor than simple food matter.

Use a pair of pliers to remove it as soon as possible.


Does Your Garbage Disposal Have Power?

Sometimes, your garbage disposal will not move.

Even when you turn it on, there is no sound or motion.

The telltale hum of a jam is missing.

It seems like your garbage disposal does not have any power.

First, unplug your garbage disposal and plug something else into its electrical outlets, such as a blender or a phone charger.

If these devices do not work, either, then you have an electrical issue. 

Call an electrician to check out your outlets and plug your garbage disposal into another outlet in the meantime.

If the devices do work, you should reset your garbage disposal.


How To Reset Your Moen Garbage Disposal

Thankfully, a Moen garbage disposal reset is not challenging.

If you have experienced any issues with your garbage disposal, you should press the reset button.

Moen garbage disposals feature a red reset button on the opposite side of the device’s power cord.

Depending on the model of your garbage disposal, the reset button may be somewhat inset.

In these cases, you can use a screwdriver to push it in.


In Summary

Ultimately, garbage disposals are particularly durable machines.

While they are prone to jams, it is easy to fix these devices with some minor manual labor and a press of the reset button.

While garbage disposals are easy and relatively safe to fix, you might not trust yourself to do it.

In these cases, you can call a professional plumber to fix your garbage disposal for you, or call Moen and use your warranty.


Frequently Asked Questions


Do Moen Garbage Disposals Have AN External Crank Location?

Many garbage disposals feature an external crank location to help clear up any jams inside the disposal.

However, Moen garbage disposals do not have these features.

You must crank a Moen garbage disposal internally.

However, we highly advise against placing your hand inside a garbage disposal unit, regardless of how much protection you have applied to your hand.

One safe alternative, which Moen recommends, is using the handle of a wooden spoon or a broom to manually crank your garbage disposal and disperse a jam.

Upend the spoon or broom so that the handle is facing downwards, and place the handle inside the garbage disposal.

Twist the spoon until you hear your garbage disposal cranking.


Will My Garbage Disposals’ Warranty Cover Any Repairs?

Typically, yes.

If your garbage disposal experiences damage that is not due to negligence or misuse, or wears and tear beyond the expected level, then the garbage disposal’s warranty will cover any in-house repairs.

Before calling Moen to use your warranty, ensure that you are within the warranty period duration.

Typically, for Moen products, this measures five or ten years after the product purchase date.

The timeframe of your warranty depends on your model of garbage disposal, so make sure you are familiar with your garbage disposal’s warranty.

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