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Any technology enthusiast would agree that the point of a “Smart Home” is to centralize as much technology as possible within a convenient hub.

An Amazon Alexa seems like it may be the perfect choice to act as this hub- so, can it control your garage?

Unfortunately, this task is not ideal for people who don’t have any technical experience.

We’ve managed to figure it out, but if you’re trying to set up your grandpa’s new MyQ, you might have to go through the process for him!

Does this seem like something you can handle? If so, you might not have to worry.

It’s a lengthy process but not a challenging one! Read on to learn how to connect your MyQ to your Alexa.


Can You Form A MyQ-Alexa Connection?

Connecting a MyQ to Alexa can be confusing.

To sum it up, you can form a MyQ-Alexa connection, but you also can’t.

Due to the lack of native compatibility, you officially cannot connect MyQ and Alexa.

Neither Chamberlain nor Amazon, the respective manufacturers of these products, officially support a third-party connection for their products.

However, third-party connections do exist.

If you’re willing to embrace a bit of DIY spirit, you can connect your MyQ to Alexa without any challenge!


How To Connect MyQ To Alexa

Thankfully, despite the lack of native support, you can connect your MyQ to Alexa by utilizing third-party programs.

Typically, this process would be a challenge to anybody who is not experienced with third-party programs.

However, we will explain it in enough detail to make it simple for everybody.

We’ve learned that it’s a lot less complicated than it may seem!


Connect MyQ to Alexa


Third-Party Programs: SimpleCommands And IFTTT

There are two main programs that we find work best for this connection; SimpleCommands and IFTTT (If This, Then That.) 

Both of these third-party programs are designed for connectivity without having to get into the nitty-gritty of re-coding and hacking an Alexa. 

IFTTT is the more popular option by far.

However, it comes with a limitation; for now, you can only use IFTTT you close your door via MyQ.

SimpleCommands might not have as clean an interface as IFTTT, but we prefer it for the simple fact that you can use it to both open and close your garage door.


1. Connecting SimpleCommands To MyQ

Your first step is to download the SimpleCommands app on your smartphone.

This app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Next, open your SimpleCommands app and press “Add Items.”

The app will list multiple devices in alphabetical order, with MyQ among them.

Input your MyQ account information.


2. Manage Functions In SimpleCommands

Return to your SimpleCommands home screen.

Select your linked MyQ devices and note the menu that should activate.

The bottom button on the menu should show an option to enable voice commands for Alexa and Google Assistant.

Press this button and choose which functions to use.

We recommend using both the open and close functions.

SimpleCommands will require a command phrase when you create a function.

We recommend using a simple command, as it must be compatible with Alexa’s routines- but we’ll cover that shortly.


3. Link SimpleCommands To Alexa

Thankfully, this step is easy.

If you own an Alexa, the odds are high that you have the Alexa app on your phone.

Open it and select the “Skills” menu.

Search for SimpleCommands skills.

We recommend “kloee for SC,” but only for this specific action.

Enter your SimpleCommands login information to successfully link your Alexa to your SimpleCommands.


4. Create Alexa Routines

You’re not quite done yet! Now, you must create compatible Alexa routines.

Return to your Alexa’s home page and press “More” in the bottom right corner.

Select the “+” button in the top right corner to create new routines.

You can name them anything you’d like, but we recommend keeping it simple, like “close garage door” or “open garage door.”

Select the “Voice” option and enter what you want to say to maneuver your garage door.

For example, you can say “Alexa, close the garage” or “Open my garage door.”

You will see an “Add Action” button.

Select it and press “Smart Home,” followed by “Control Scene.”

Now, you can choose the SimpleCommands function that correlates with your desired action.

Congratulations! You’ve linked your MyQ to your Alexa.


In Summary

Unfortunately, connecting your MyQ to Alexa is no walk in the park.

If you don’t have any experience with third-party apps, it can seem daunting. 

However, we think that the resulting convenience is worth the hassle.

Controlling your house via your voice is seriously impressive!


Frequently Asked Questions


Why Does MyQ Not Natively Support Alexa?

Chamberlain, the manufacturer of MyQ, claims that the MyQ garage door functionality is not compatible with Alexa for safety concerns.

It’s not a good look for any company if their customers are getting robbed because criminals can open their garage door with a voice command.

MyQ claims to take preventative measures against these actions.

However, some MyQ and Alexa users believe that the MyQ app does not natively support Alexa compatibility due to a lack of potential profit from such integration.

Unfortunately, the only confirmed fact that we have is Chamberlain’s side of the story.

Remember, they don’t want to face the significant liability issues that might come with Alexa integration!


Is There An Alexa Skill For MyQ?

Yes, there are several Alexa skills for MyQ.

However, they might not have the functionality you want from a MyQ-Alexa skill.

Most Alexa skills that link with MyQ do not feather true Alexa support, meaning that the limit of their functionality is accessing minor features of your MyQ app.

As such, you cannot control your garage or lights through a MyQ Alexa skill.

Amazon frequently removes MyQ-Alexa skills for this exact reason, as they advertise a functionality that they truly lack.

If you want to connect your MyQ to your Alexa, the ways we listed are the only ones possible.

SmartHomeBit Staff