What Does A MyQ SSL Error Mean?

By SmartHomeBit Staff •  Updated: 12/25/22 •  5 min read

In the modern world, apps and remote control technology help make everything easier.

However, what happens when these apps, such as MyQ, don’t work?

Has your MyQ app responded with an SSL error?

How can you solve an SSL issue on your MyQ app?

Can you bypass this issue, or are you stuck forever?

Can you prevent an SSL error from happening again?

We’ve had this issue before, and it’s a lot less catastrophic than you might think.

Read on to learn everything that you need to know about SSL errors on your MyQ app!


What Does A MyQ SSL Error Mean?


What Does An SSL Error Mean For MyQ?

As a company, MyQ wants to keep your smart home secure, whether it’s in your garage or your locks.

This ideology extends to their remote control applications, such as for your garage door.

If MyQ cannot verify that your information is secure, or that your device is yours and not somebody else spoofing your data, it will present an SSL error.

MyQ will present this error to prevent malicious actors from accessing your home as best as they can.

However, this error is not a permanent obstacle in your home.

There are several ways to reverify your identity and bypass an SSL error.


How Can I Fix A MyQ SSL Error?

Like any piece of modern technology, MyQ has its flaws and may mark your device as a malicious actor because it cannot verify your information.

Thankfully, there are several ways to fix an SSL error in your MyQ app, and all of them are remarkably simple. 

You don’t need a heap of technological know-how to fix an SSL error.

As long as you can check your logins and navigate an app store, you have all the knowledge that you need.

If you are using your device on a secure internet connection, fixing your SSL error can be easy- you just have to walk down a checklist to diagnose the issue.


Re-Install Your MyQ App

One of the quickest and easiest ways to fix an SSL error on your MyQ app is to reinstall it.

If your app needs to update, try manually installing its update via the app store before reinstalling it entirely.

A mild software glitch in the app can warrant the flagging of your device, and reinstalling the app can repair any software issues.


Make Sure That Your Device Has Internet Connection

If your device does not have an internet connection, has a spotty internet connection, or is connected to an insecure network, then your MyQ app may respond to your device with an SSL error.

If you can connect your device to a secure and stable internet connection or mobile network, then you have a far greater chance of bypassing an SSL error.

If your connection is not secure, try to disconnect and reconnect to the source.


Check Your Login Credentials

If you have not entered your login credentials properly, MyQ may register a security issue and prevent you from accessing your home by displaying an SSL error.

Try re-entering your login credentials and accessing the app again.

Remember that an SSL error indicates a security issue, and anything you can do to secure your device will help.


Wait And Try Again

Sometimes, there is nothing that you can do about an SSL error.

All you can do is wait some time and try again.

However, you don’t have to wait all day.

Try reaccessing the app every ten minutes.

In ten minutes, the SSL error should not occur anymore.


In Summary

Ultimately, there are many reasons that you may receive an SSL error, but they all boil down to one symptom- a security issue.

An SSL error indicates an insecure connection, with your device and app attempting to protect you from any malicious agents that would take advantage of your home’s digital insecurity.

It can be tempting to get frustrated at the app for an SSL error, but remember, it’s all for your safety!


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Manually Bypass My MyQ Garage Door?

If you are receiving your SSL error while indoors and trying to operate a garage door, then you may be in luck- you can manually open just about any garage door.

Your garage door may have a red chord that engages a safety pin and keeps your garage door locked.

You will hear a clicking noise once it has worked.

Now, you can pull your door open manually.

Do not pull the door from the red chord, as it will snap.

Be cautious when operating the manual release, as it may close your garage door suddenly or with minimal input, potentially damaging your garage door or your body.


Can I Use MyQ Without WiFi?

In the simplest terms possible, yes, you can use MyQ without a WiFi connection.

However, you cannot use the app without an internet connection.

If your device is not connected to your WiFi, it must have a connection to another internet source, such as a mobile network.

Our apps have worked just fine on our mobile network.

If you cannot connect to the WiFi or a mobile network, try opening an internet hotspot or connecting to a friend’s or neighbor’s WiFi, if possible.

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