Opal Ice Maker Not Making Ice? Here’s Your Next Steps

By SmartHomeBit Staff •  Updated: 12/25/22 •  6 min read

Compact ice makers are more popular than ever, pleasing everyone with their ability to create crunchy ice pieces in a matter of hours.

One of the most popular selections is the Opal Ice Maker.

Unfortunately, there are times when the Opal Ice Maker could stop creating ice.

Read on to learn more about the causes of no ice and how to fix them.


Cleaning Mode

The Opal Ice Maker has a setting where it flushes out the system, ensuring the device is clear of buildup and other items that may have gathered over time.

If your machine is cleaning more, it won’t create ice.

The Opal Ice Maker is infamous for taking a long time to flush out the system.

You can tell if the Opal Ice Maker is in cleaning mode by the light on the front.

The standard is white, but the device in cleaning mode is yellow.

Unfortunately, the only way to work through this setting is to wait for cleaning more to end.

Although it’s annoying, cleaning mode is an effective way to keep your ice high-quality.


Look At Ice Bin

It’s critical to shut the ice bin.

If it’s partially open, the Opal Ice Maker won’t create ice.

This product will shut down every five minutes if the storage bin isn’t in its place.

Sometimes, it might not be obvious that the drawer is out of place – that’s why it’s vital to give it a firm press after every use.

Every time you use the ice bin, push it as far as possible into the slot.

Don’t force it, or it could break.

If the ice bin is the issue, the system will pick it back up once the plastic is in the proper spot to catch ice.

We recommend making a habit of pushing the ice bin a second time after every use.


Opal Ice Maker Not Making Ice? Here’s Your Next Steps


Reset Unit

The unit could need a reset.

The older the machine, the easier it is for the circuitry and system to freak out.

A quick reset could solve your trouble.

To reset, all you need to do is turn on the reset component of the machine.

Then, unplug it.

Leave it out for a few minutes, then plug it back in.

If it doesn’t work after this replacement, there is something deeper going on.


Blocked Ice Chute

If you have a blocked ice chute, it’s not that your machine isn’t making ice – the ice has nowhere to go once it’s made.

The system is clogged, and you must clean it out for the process to work well again.

Fill the system with undiluted vinegar instead of water to clean everything out.

Run it through three times, then ensure the vinegar is out of the machine.

Wipe it down and clean it with water to remove any vinegar taste from the ice.


Lack of Water

Although it might seem obvious, one of the main reasons for an Opal Ice Maker that can’t make ice is a lack of water.

Without water, the machine can’t create ice.

When the tank runs out, the product has nothing to work with.

At the start of the cycle, you will hear a flushing noise as the system pumps water.

The louder the noise, the less water there is in the tank.

You can also visually check to see how full it is.

If it’s running low, fill the tank as soon as possible.


In Summary

The Opal Ice Maker is one of the best ice makers on the market, producing crunchy pieces of ice anyone will enjoy.

If it stops making ice, there are a few reasons for the trouble.

The drawer might not be closed, the chute could be blocked, or there could be no water.

It’s critical to examine the machine to get it back in working condition.

Although it’s frustrating when the Opal Ice Maker stops creating ice, it isn’t difficult to fix.

You can have crunchy ice again with a few simple changes.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do you unclog an Opal Ice Maker?

The best way to unclog an Opal Ice Maker is with vinegar.

We recommend placing it in the tank, then letting the machine push through three cycles.

This number should be enough to remove and dissolve any gunk buildup in the system.

Once the three cycles are over, wipe it clean with a paper towel.

Then, flush it out with water to prevent vinegar-flavored ice.


Can I leave my Opal Ice Maker on all the time?

Like most ice makers, the Opal Ice Maker can work all hours.

It exists to run in cycles, creating ice and resting while the produced material sits.

It will keep going until the bin is full or there is no more water.

If you go on vacation, you can turn off the ice maker.

Otherwise, it’s safe to leave it at all hours.


How long does an Opal Ice Maker last?

Depending on the use of the machine and how well it is cared for in the home, an Opal Ice Maker will last four to ten years.

The better you clean the system, the longer it will last, producing ice for everything you need.

The machine also comes with a limited warranty.

If parts fall apart within the constraints of the warranty, it’s possible to fix the product before it dies.

An Opal Ice Maker will last a long time with proper techniques.

SmartHomeBit Staff