Samsung Dryer Won’t Start? Causes, Solutions, and Error Codes

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It’s no fun having a broken dryer.

You have a load full of soaking wet laundry and nowhere to put it.

Let’s discuss why your Samsung dryer won’t start and how you can fix it.


Some dryer problems are simple, while others are complex.

When you diagnose your issue, start by attempting the simplest solutions.

You’ll save a lot of work and potentially get your dryer running sooner.


1. There’s no Power Supply

Without electricity, your dryer won’t function.

It doesn’t get more basic than that.

In most cases, it’s easy to tell when you have no power.

The lights on the control panel won’t illuminate, and the buttons won’t respond.

Look behind your dryer and inspect the cord.

Examine it for any damage, and make sure it’s connected to both your dryer and your power outlet.

Check your breaker box to see if you’ve tripped a breaker.

Assuming the breaker is live, test the outlet itself.

You can plug in a phone charger or a small lamp to make sure it’s working.

Whatever you do, never use an extension cord with your Samsung dryer.

It will limit the amount of voltage that reaches the machine.

In that case, your lights may come on, but the dryer won’t be able to operate.

Worse, the dryer could work, but the high wattage could overheat the extension cord and start a fire.


2. The Door Isn’t Latched

Samsung dryers won’t operate if the door isn’t closed.

Sometimes, the latch can partially engage without engaging completely.

The door looks like it’s closed, but it isn’t.

More to the point, the built-in sensor thinks it’s still open, so the dryer won’t start.

Open the door and push it closed forcefully.

The latch may have failed if the dryer still won’t start.

You can test this sensor with a multimeter if you’re handy with electronics and replace it if necessary.


Samsung Dryer Won’t Start? Causes, Solutions, and Error Codes


3. Child Lock is Enabled

Your Samsung dryer is equipped with a child lock function that locks out the controls.

It can come in handy, but it can also be frustrating if you trigger it by accident.

Your dryer will have an indicator light that lets you know when the child lock is active.

Depending on the model, it will either be shaped like a baby or a little lock with a smiley face.

On most models, you’ll have to press two buttons simultaneously.

There’s usually an icon or label on both of them.

If not, consult your owner’s manual.

Press and hold them both for at least 3 seconds, and the child lock will disengage.

You can also reset the dryer to unlock the control panel.

Unplug it from the wall or switch off the breaker, and leave it disconnected for 60 seconds.

Reconnect the power, and the controls should work.


4. The Idler Pulley Has Failed

The idler pulley is a common failure point on Samsung dryers.

This pulley provides tension when the tumbler spins, and relieves tension to let the tumbler spin freely.

Look on the back of the unit, near the top, and remove the two screws.

Now, pull the top panel forward and set it aside.

You’ll see a rubber belt across the top of the drum; tug at it and see if it’s loose.

If it is, the idler pulley is broken or the belt has snapped.

You can diagnose the problem by trying to pull the belt out.

If it won’t pull free, the problem is the pulley.

Don’t worry.

A new pulley costs about $10, and there are plenty of how-to guides for replacing it on various models.


How to Diagnose Samsung Dryer Error Codes

At this point, you’ve exhausted the simpler reasons for a non-functioning dryer.

You need to check your error code if the machine still doesn’t work.

The error code is an alphanumeric code that appears on your dryer’s digital display.

The code will appear as a series of blinking lights if your dryer doesn’t have a digital display.

Blinking codes vary from model to model, so check your owner’s manual for more information.


Common Samsung Dryer Error Codes

2E, 9C1, 9E, or 9E1 – These codes indicate an issue with the incoming voltage.

Ensure you’re not using an extension cord and that the dryer is not sharing its circuit with another appliance.

For electric dryers, double-check the voltage.

Keep in mind that power grid standards vary from country to country.

If you buy a dryer in one country and try to use it in another, you’ll get one of these errors.

The 9C1 error may appear when you activate the dryer on stacked dryers with a multi-control kit.

This happens when you initiate a dryer cycle within 5 seconds of starting a wash cycle.

Samsung has released a firmware update via SmartThings to correct this bug.

1 AC, AC, AE, AE4, AE5, E3, EEE, or Et – Your dryer’s sensors and other components aren’t communicating.

Turn off the unit for 1 minute, then turn it on, and it should work.

1 DC, 1 dF, d0, dC, dE, dF, or do – These codes all relate to issues with the door latch and sensors.

Open and close the door to ensure that it’s fully closed.

If it is, and you’re still seeing the code, you may have a defective sensor.

1 FC, FC, or FE – The power source frequency is invalid.

You can sometimes clear these codes by canceling the cycle and starting a new one.

Otherwise, you need to have your dryer serviced.

1 TC, 1tC5, 1tCS, t0, t5, tC, tC5, tCS, tE, tO, or tS – Your dryer is too hot or a temperature sensor is defective.

These codes most often trigger when your lint screen is clogged or one of the vents is blocked.

A thorough cleaning will usually solve the problem.

1 HC, HC, HC4, or hE – These codes also indicate a temperature fault but can trigger due to cold as well as heat.

6C2, 6E, 6E2, bC2, bE, or bE2 – One of your control buttons is stuck.

Turn off the dryer and push each button to verify that they all work.

If one of the buttons remains stuck, you’ll need to call a technician.

Other error codes – Several other error codes relate to internal parts and sensors.

If one of these appears, try turning the dryer off for 2 to 3 minutes and starting a new cycle.

Check your owner’s manual if your dryer still won’t start.


In Summary – Getting Your Samsung Dryer to Start

Most times a Samsung dryer won’t start the solution is straightforward.

The dryer has no power, the door isn’t closed, or the child lock is engaged.

Sometimes, you have to dig deeper and investigate an error code.

You can fix most problems with the right mindset and a little elbow grease.




Why won’t my Samsung dryer stop spinning?

Samsung’s Wrinkle Prevent setting tumbles your clothes periodically to keep them from forming wrinkles.

It will continue to do this for however long is necessary until you take out your laundry.

If your display says “END” but the tumbler is still turning, just open the door.

It will stop spinning, and you can retrieve your clothes.


Why are my dryer’s lights blinking?

Samsung dryers with no digital display use blinking light patterns to indicate an error code.

Consult your manual to find out what the pattern means.

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