How to Fix Samsung Washer UR Error Code

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Understanding the Samsung Washer UR Error Code

Samsung Washer UR error code indicates a problem with the main control board. This can cause the machine to malfunction and require a professional technician. To try and fix this, unplug the machine for a few minutes and then plug it back in. If this doesn’t work, contact a Samsung washer repair specialist.

Keep in mind that fixing complicated issues without proper knowledge can lead to more damage and costly repairs. So, it’s better to get qualified help.

If you keep seeing the UR error, check if other home appliances on the same circuit are working. Overloading circuits can cause recurrent malfunctions. Also, clean your machine regularly and use it according to manufacturer’s guidelines to avoid damage.

Getting professional help saves time and energy. Plus, opening up a washing machine comes with risks – costly mistakes can be made when self-repairing.

Possible Causes of Samsung Washer UR Error Code

Samsung Washer UR Error Code is a common issue that disrupts the normal functioning of your washing machine. Identifying the possible reasons for this error code can help you troubleshoot the problem and get your machine back to working order.

Here are the four likely causes of Samsung Washer UR Error Code:

  1. Clogged Pump Filter: The clogged pump filter is a common cause of UR Error in Samsung Washers. If the filter is obstructed, the washing machine will not be able to drain properly and will shut down prematurely.
  2. Electrical Malfunction: Electrical malfunction of the circuit board can result in an error code on your Samsung washer. A short circuit or damaged wiring can also cause the UR error code.
  3. Unbalanced Load: An unbalanced load of laundry can cause your Samsung Washer to display the UR code. If the machine is overloaded or unevenly loaded, it may not be able to run smoothly and will shut down.
  4. Faulty Door Latch: A faulty door latch can prevent your Samsung washer from detecting when the door is closed. This can lead to the display of the UR error code.

In addition to the above points, it’s essential to note that Samsung Washer UR Error Code may also occur due to other underlying issues. Always consult a professional to diagnose and fix the problem effectively.

One Samsung washer owner reported that the UR error code on their washer was caused by a clogged pump filter. Despite cleaning the filter, the problem persisted. The owner later discovered that the drain hose had a kink, restricting water flow to and from the machine. Once the kink was removed, the washer started working correctly again.

Dealing with Samsung Washer UR Error Code can be a frustrating experience, but these tips should help you identify the problem and resolve it. Consult your washer manual or call a professional for further troubleshooting assistance.

Looks like your washer is thirsty for more than just attention, time to check those water supply issues.

Water Supply Issues

Could your Samsung washer’s UR error code be caused by the water supply? Check the water pressure and hoses – make sure they’re connected right. Unblock the inlet filters for a steady flow. If the valve screens are blocking the water, turn off the machine, unplug it and detach the hoses. Clean out any dirt and reattach them. Faulty valves or solenoids might be the problem. Even a defective main control board could cause this issue. It could be an electrical glitch interfering with the wash cycle(s).

A client had the same problem – they forgot to turn on the water or didn’t rotate their hoses fully. Maybe your washer’s trying to tell you it’s time to clean the filter – no need to worry, it’s not starting a rebellion (yet)!

Clogged Filter

Ah! When your Samsung washer flashes the ‘Blocked Filter’ error code, it means debris has built up in the filter. This will stop the water flow and disrupt the machine’s performance.

To battle this beast, just four steps:

  1. Find the drainage hose.
  2. Detach the hose and let all water out into a bucket.
  3. Twist off the filter cap and remove any debris inside.
  4. Tighten it back up and re-attach the hose.

This needs to be done regularly. Keeping filters free of debris keeps the water flowing and makes your washer last longer.

Apart from power disruption or overloading, these tips should help with the UR error code. So, next time you encounter this issue, give these solutions a go and get your washer running again!

Faulty Sensor

The UR error code in Samsung washers? It’s the control board, like a teenager on prom night, having a meltdown.

This can be caused by various issues such as wear and tear, improper installation, dirt, soap scum or lint build up on the sensor.

Replacing the faulty sensor is necessary. But if in doubt, seek professional guidance. Improper handling of electrical components can be dangerous.

Long-term damage to the washing machine can result from leaving the issue unattended. Expensive repairs and replacements are likely. Prompt action is key for seamless laundry cycles and a longer machine life.

Control Board Malfunction

The Samsung Washer UR Error Code can be caused by a malfunctioning control board. Voltage surges, power fluctuations and other factors can affect the control board and cause it to fail.

When this happens, the washer may stall mid-cycle, not spin or drain properly, or show incorrect cycle times. These are signs that the control board is faulty.

To prevent this problem, ensure the washer’s electrical system is stable and not subject to voltage surges or fluctuations. Maintenance of electrical components can help identify any issues early.

To fix the issue, consult an experienced technician. They can diagnose and repair the control board. In some cases, replacing the entire board may be necessary. Following proper maintenance will help prevent recurrence and keep the washer running smoothly.

How to Fix Samsung Washer UR Error Code

In this article, we will provide a professional and informative guide to resolving the UR error code on Samsung washers. The UR code can indicate a variety of issues, including problems with the power supply or faulty connections. Here’s how to address it:

  1. Unplug the washer from the power source.
  2. Check all connections to ensure they are secure and not damaged.
  3. Inspect the power cord for any visible damage, such as frayed or broken wires.
  4. If the power cord is damaged, replace it with a new one.
  5. Wait for at least 5 minutes before plugging the washer back in.
  6. Resume the cycle and monitor the machine closely.

It’s essential to address the UR error code as soon as possible, as it can lead to further damage to the machine if left unaddressed. Also, if the issue persists, we recommend contacting a professional technician for further assistance.

At times, the UR error code can result from unusual vibrations caused by an unevenly distributed load or overloading of the machine. Therefore, it’s crucial to pay attention to the drum’s weight distribution during the loading process and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

One consumer reported experiencing the UR error code on their Samsung washer and found that unplugging and replugging it in resolved the issue temporarily. However, a professional technician identified a faulty cord and recommended replacement, which finally fixed the problem.

Without water, your Samsung washer is just a fancy bench with buttons.

Check Water Supply

Ensure your laundry routines keep running smoothly by maintaining your Samsung washer’s water supply. Check the inlet valves. They control and monitor the hot and cold water.

Check the water supply every 6 months. This will help extend the life of your washer. Give it some TLC and clean out that filter! Don’t let a swampy spin cycle ruin your day!

Clean the Filter

Spotless Filter = Smooth Samsung Washer

Keep your Samsung washer functioning smoothly by keeping its filter spotless. A dirty filter can cause clogs and impede the machine’s performance. Here’s how to clean it:

  1. Power Off: Disconnect from power source.
  2. Locate Filter: In front-load models, located at bottom. Top-load models, under the cover on top.
  3. Clean: Remove filter and clean with running water and gloves.
  4. Reinstall: Put back filter correctly before restarting wash cycle.

Other Maintenance Tips

Deep clean your washer every 3 months. This prevents build-up and future problems.

Prevent Issues!

A rusty washer can result in health issues and odors in the home. Keep up with maintenance to save cash and avoid these dangers. Check for the UR error code (sensors & wires).

Check the Sensor and Wires

Time to diagnose the Samsung Washer UR Error Code! Here’s what you can do:

  1. Unplug it from the power source.
  2. Inspect the wires for any tears or breaks, and fix them if need be.
  3. Thoroughly clean the sensors with a soft cloth and cleaning solution.
  4. Replace the wire connectors with high-quality ones.

Also, double-check the cable connections near the circuit board. Make sure all cables are connected correctly and try running a cycle again. If this doesn’t work, time to call a pro!

If your washer still has the error code UR, better call a technician as soon as possible. To avoid this issue in the future, remember to check the connections regularly and clean the sensors every few months. This simple maintenance will help keep it running smoothly and prevent unexpected breakdowns.

Replace the Control Board

If you’ve got a UR error code on your Samsung Washer, you may need to replace the control board. Here’s a six-step guide:

  1. Switch off and unplug the washer.
  2. Undo the back screws to remove the top panel.
  3. The old control board will be at the top, near the back.
  4. Take out all wires from the control board.
  5. Attach the new one, connecting the wires correctly.
  6. Screw the board back in and put the top panel back on.

Be aware that tinkering with electrical components can be risky – if you’re not sure, call an expert.
Before going down this route, check for other issues like clogs, low water pressure, or power outages. Make sure to keep up maintenance and cleaning to get the most out of your washer.

Fixing your Samsung Washer UR Error Code requires extreme caution – one wrong move and you’ll be dealing with fried circuits and regret!

Precautions to Keep in Mind while Fixing Samsung Washer UR Error Code

Dealing with a Samsung Washer UR Error Code? Here are 5 steps to keep it under control:

  1. Unplug the washer & switch off water supply.
  2. Check warranty or get help if unsure how to fix.
  3. Wear safety gear for electrical components & water leakage.
  4. Read user manual & troubleshoot effectively.
  5. Contact customer support if needed.

Do maintenance checkups regularly. Clean filters, drain water from hoses, use appropriate detergents & load clothes optimally. Neglecting UR error code = electrical short circuits & floods. Act now & follow guidelines for smooth running. You just saved yourself from a UR-gency!


For the Samsung washer UR error code, exploring solutions can lead to one conclusion – communication failure between the control panel and main board.

Reset the machine and ensure proper power connections. If this doesn’t work, try replacing the control panel or contact a technician.

Unattended, this error could damage the machine. Address it quickly.

Uniquely, some users have found success by unplugging the machine for several minutes before plugging it back in. This may reset any temporary faults.

Samsung customer support documents indicate this error could affect different models like WF45N5300AV/US, WF45R6100AW/US and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the Samsung washer UR code mean?

A: The UR code on your Samsung washer indicates an issue with the control board and requires intervention to get the washer working again.

Q: Why did my Samsung washer turn off and display the UR code?

A: The UR code indicates a malfunction with the control board, which can occur due to a power surge, water damage, or a wiring issue.

Q: What should I do when my Samsung washer shows the UR error code?

A: You should unplug the washer and wait for at least 5 minutes before plugging it in again. If the code persists, you should contact a qualified technician to diagnose and repair the problem.

Q: How much will it cost to fix a Samsung washer with the UR error code?

A: The cost of fixing a Samsung washer with the UR error code depends on the extent of the damage and the specific parts that require replacement.

Q: Can I fix the UR code problem on my Samsung washer by myself?

A: It is not advisable for you to try and fix the UR code problem on your Samsung washer unless you have experience in repairing washers. You may end up causing further damage or injuring yourself in the process.

Q: What is the best way to prevent the UR code from appearing on my Samsung washer?

A: To prevent the UR code from appearing on your Samsung washer, you should ensure that your washer is well-maintained and serviced regularly. Avoid overloading the washer and be mindful of the detergent you use.

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