Simplisafe Sensor Not Responding? Here’s What To Consider

By SmartHomeBit Staff •  Updated: 12/25/22 •  6 min read

Safety is critical in a world that seems scarier and scarier every day.

One of the best security systems for a home is the Simplisafe system, a series of technology that uses sensors to locate intruders on a property.

Unfortunately, there are moments when a Simplisafe sensor might not respond.

Read on to learn more about what could cause this failure.


Battery Needs Replacement 

One of the most common issues in non-responsive technology is a dead battery.

If there is no power in a machine, there is no way for the sensor to operate and communicate analyses to the core.

A weak battery will make the sensor less accurate and potentially more dangerous for your home.

The best thing you can do is to check the battery.

Remove the battery from the technology and replace it with a new one.

Once it’s inside, test out the sensor.

If you still don’t get a response, there is a different issue with your safety product.


Device is Too Far Away from Base

The device with the sensor could be too far away from the system’s base.

If it isn’t close enough, the monitoring system will have trouble providing valuable information to the base.

The further away the sensor from the base, the less helpful it will be in an emergency.

Put your Simplisafe device in test mode to determine if the distance is the trouble.

You should:

If it is, you can leave the sensor in the same place.

It might take a few tests to determine the proper positioning for the base and each sensor.

Once you have your ideal configuration, the sensors should work properly.


Simplisafe Sensor Not Responding? Here’s What To Consider


Configuration Without Installation

Another issue could be that you have additional sensors in your system, activated when you purchased the Simplisafe kit but never installed it.

We recommend checking your box to determine if you have any sensors left over from the initial installation process.

If there are, they could be the trouble.

Head to your keypad and navigate to the devices option.

Once here, remove the additional sensors from your system.

Everything should be in working order once they are gone.


Necessary Reset of System

Sometimes, a simple reset can solve the unresponsive trouble of a sensor.

An older or newer system may need this change to push itself back into proper working order.

To reset a Simplisafe system, you need access to the base.

Unplug it, remove the battery cover, and take out one of the batteries for a few seconds.

Then, replace and plug everything back in.

If a reset was necessary, your sensors will be back in working condition and ready to monitor your home.


Broken Sensor

Lastly, your trouble could be a broken sensor.

Sometimes, products might incur damage as they monitor your home.

If this is the case, there is no way for the Simplisafe system to perform necessary sensor tasks.

We recommend investing in a new sensor.

Although it will cost money, it might cost more to fix the system.

If you know someone who is experienced in technology, they might be able to work on the broken sensor for a more affordable price.


In Summary

If you invest in a Simplisafe system, you expect the best.

There are cases when the sensors don’t work.

This trouble could occur thanks to the configuration without installation, a broken sensor, or a device that’s too far away from the base.

Luckily, these troubles are easy to address without outside assistance.

The Simplisafe system is one of the best.

If you want to keep your home covered by advanced technology, you can rest assured of their products.

Once you have the sensor back in working order, you can rest comfortably. 


Frequently Asked Questions


What do you do if your Simplisafe sensor is offline?

If your Simplisafe system is offline, it can’t operate properly.

You must complete a system reset to get everything back in working order.

Locate the core of your system and remove the battery cover.

Take a battery out and let it sit for at least fifteen seconds.

Then, replace everything and plug the system back in.

Once the system is back in its normal state, the sensors should be online again.

You can monitor your system and ensure it’s working properly before leaving it alone to keep you and your family as safe as possible.


How long do Simplisafe sensors last?

Simplisafe devices have a battery to help them operate.

Like all batteries, these have a limited lifespan.

You will notice a three to five-year lifespan for your Simplisafe system and sensors.

If you’ve had them for this time and see failure in the sensors, it could be time for a battery replacement.

Although sensors last a long time, they won’t last forever.

Stay on top of your device’s lifespan to determine when it’s time to add new batteries to the system for effective defense results.


How do I test my Simplisafe sensor?

The best way to determine if your Simplisafe sensor is working is by testing it.

Get to the keypad and enter the master code.

Next, put your system in test mode.

The base station will then let you know it’s ready to test sensors in the Simplisafe system.

Pick a sensor and test it with your system.

There will be beeps to display how well a system is working and where errors are in your setup.

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