What Does “Suggested” Mean on Messenger? Exploring the Suggested Contacts Feature on Messenger

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Facebook Messenger’s Suggested Contacts feature plays a crucial role in making our messaging experience more convenient and efficient. By intelligently recommending contacts based on our interactions and mutual friends, this feature ensures that we can effortlessly connect with the people we frequently communicate with. In this section, we will delve into an overview of Facebook Messenger’s Suggested Contacts feature, exploring its functionality and how it enhances our messaging interactions.

Overview of Facebook Messenger’s Suggested Contacts feature

Facebook Messenger’s Suggested Contacts feature is an innovative tool that provides personalized recommendations. It uses a sophisticated algorithm to analyze mutual friends, interests, and interactions on Facebook. The list is kept up-to-date with real-time data.

This feature enables users to discover new connections and expand their social circles. It also saves them time and effort by providing tailor-made recommendations. However, users may have limited control over the composition of their suggested contacts list.

How the suggested contacts are determined

Suggested contacts on Messenger are decided with various factors. Firstly, the algorithm looks at your communication habits. It pays attention to how often you talk, who you talk to, how long and how deep the conversations are.

Secondly, Messenger looks at mutual connections. If you have friends in common with someone, they could be suggested to you. This helps you connect with people who have similar social circles or interests.

Thirdly, Messenger also considers your contact list and phone contacts. People from your address book or phone contacts may show up as suggested contacts, even if you haven’t talked to them before.

Benefits of the suggested contacts feature

The suggested contacts feature on Messenger offers many advantages. Looking at the data, it’s clear that this feature provides convenience and efficiency when connecting with others.

Firstly, this feature allows users to easily find and connect with people they may know. It saves effort and time in searching for contacts, and makes networking on the platform easier. With it, users can easily expand their social circle.

Secondly, the feature helps users stay in touch with individuals they have lost contact with. It shows contacts based on past interactions, mutual friends, or shared interests, enabling users to reestablish connections.

Thirdly, it enhances the user experience on Messenger by making communication quick and seamless. With suggested contacts, users can start conversations with friends or acquaintances in just a few taps, without having to search or scroll through contact lists.

It also adds a personalized touch by taking into account users’ individual preferences and interactions. This ensures suggested contacts are relevant and meaningful to each user, improving the user experience.

In order to get the most out of the suggested contacts feature, users should review and update their contact list regularly by accepting or declining suggested contacts. They should also explore the feature to discover new connections or reconnect with forgotten individuals. This can open up opportunities and strengthen existing relationships.

By utilizing the suggested contacts feature effectively, users can enjoy a simpler communication experience on Messenger, connect with new contacts faster, and stay connected with important people.

How to remove suggested contacts temporarily

Messenger is a popular messaging app that has a feature called “Suggested Contacts.” These contacts are based on mutual friends or Facebook connections. If you’d like to temporarily take away the suggested contacts, there’s a process.

Here’s a 3-step guide to removing them temporarily:

  1. Open the Messenger app.
  2. Click on the profile icon, usually at the top left or right of the screen.
  3. Scroll down and select “People,” then “Contacts,” and then “Synced Contacts.” Finally, turn off the toggle for “Suggestions.”

By doing this, you can remove the suggested contacts feature temporarily. It’s important to note that by disabling suggestions, you may miss out on discovering potential contacts. However, if you’d rather have a focused experience without the recommendations, this option helps you do that.

Limitations of customizing the suggested contacts list

Customizing Messenger’s suggested contacts list has limitations. Such as:

  1. Limited customization: Users can’t fully customize or remove contacts from the list to their liking.
  2. Algorithm-based: Suggestions come from algorithms analyzing mutual connections, recent interactions, and shared interests. Users have little control over who appears.
  3. No prioritizing: Users can’t prioritize contacts over others. It’s all determined by the platform’s algorithms.
  4. No manual management: Users can’t manually add or remove contacts. This restricts customization.

Despite these limitations, the suggested contacts feature helps users discover relevant connections. It is designed to enhance the user experience and connect them to others.

For example, a user wants to prioritize their business contacts in the list. But they can’t, and this could mean missing potential business opportunities. Customizing suggested contacts list limitations can thus have real implications.


Suggested on Messenger is a feature that provides users with recommendations. It uses an algorithm to analyze messaging patterns and interactions. Personalized Recommendations are given, increasing efficiency and improving user experience. The algorithm also continuously learns from interactions. It is important to note that the ultimate decision rests with the user. Suggested on Messenger assists and enhances the messaging experience but does not impose any actions.

FAQs about What Does Suggested Mean On Messenger

What does “suggested” mean on Messenger?

On Messenger, “suggested” refers to the list of contacts that appear when forwarding messages. These contacts are recommended based on your interactions on the app and are determined by the Messenger algorithm.

How are the suggested contacts determined on Messenger?

The suggested contacts on Messenger are determined by the Messenger algorithm, which takes into account activities such as viewing profiles, liking or commenting on posts, and the number of mutual friends. The contacts are filtered based on the frequency of interaction, with those you communicate with more often appearing at the top of the list.

Can I customize the suggested list of contacts on Messenger?

No, it is not possible to customize the suggested list according to your interests on Messenger. The list is determined solely by the Messenger algorithm based on your interactions on the app.

How can I remove contacts from the suggested list on Messenger?

You can remove contacts from the suggested list on Messenger temporarily by not interacting with them. Additionally, you can delete all the contacts imported from your phonebook through the Messenger app or disable the uploading of contacts to the app to remove them.

What factors does the Messenger algorithm consider in determining the suggested contacts?

The Messenger algorithm takes into account various factors to determine the suggested contacts, including frequent media sharing, daily chats, and profile views. It aims to prioritize the people you interact with the most on the app.

How can I manage my contacts and suggested section on Messenger?

You can manage your contacts and suggested section on Messenger through the app settings. You have the option to delete imported contacts from your phonebook or disable the uploading of contacts. However, it is not possible to permanently stop seeing suggested contacts on Messenger.

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