What is a Smart Microwave?

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 12/25/22 •  6 min read

A smart microwave, like many Wi-Fi-based devices, is a device that can be controlled remotely. Usually when connected to a Wi-Fi network or hub which can connect externally.

Smart Microwaves have a much wider range of features than you would expect, for example, Smart Microwaves will typically have barcode-scanning, moisture sensors and even cooking instructions for each meal.

Want to control your Smart Microwave with your voice? No problem, your Virtual Assistant can control this directly in most cases and if not, a hub should help!


What does a Smart Microwave actually do?

For most of us, a Microwave lets you just reheat food. It was a huge deal back in the past, but now it’s the norm. With a new wave of Smart Kitchen Appliances, Smart Microwaves are extremely versatile, allowing much better cooking options and a diverse array of information at the touch of a button.

Whilst I am yet to see one that plays music in the kitchen, the Wi-Fi connectivity for recipes and voice control should not be looked down on.

Some Smart Microwaves offer the ability to sense the moisture of a specific product meaning you can stop it from drying out remotely from your Smart Phone or via voice commands.


Common Features of a Smart Microwave


Doesn’t a Microwave interfere with WiFi though?

What is a Smart Microwave? - EG Branded Smart Microwave

This is simply due to old technology, Microwaves often leak small amounts of Microwave radiation. This leakage usually interferes with WiFi signals on a 2.4GHz frequency.

While most Smart Microwaves are on a 2.4GHz frequency, you can set this up on a 5GHz frequency if you so wish. However, you shouldn’t have any issues with this impacting Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.


If my Microwave is on the Wi-Fi, can it be hacked?

By technicality, yes, all Smart Home technology unless it’s locked behind asecure network can be hacked. If your WiFi connection is public or using an insecure password, you’re 100% open to have someone turning your Microwave on and off.

Smart Home Security is a big deal, but it doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Don’t let the media scare you into thinking your Smart Home is going to show you walking around naked to the world. Just be smart and you won’t have any issues!

Follow good security practices for your home network and make sure that your devices are constantly kept up to date to avoid any potential backdoors or exploits.


How much do Smart Microwaves cost?

You’re looking at a Microwave costing anywhere from $150 onwards to $1500, which may seem expensive for a simple microwave that connects to the internet. However, as this is a pretty new technology on the market, the price is bound to be inflated.

You should bare in mind that a standard Microwave can start at a cost of $50 / £35. However, the price tag on a Smart Microwave does come with reason, most Smart Microwaves do come with other features like Air-Frying and toasting, so there are perks to having this new technology so early on.


Are Smart Microwaves expensive to repair?

When your normal Microwave breaks, you’ll often recycle it and purchase a new one as it’s a much cheaper option and requires a lot less effort. However, a Smart Microwave is around 3x the price at a minimum and as such most companies will offer a repair service for any Smart Kitchen hardware you buy or a return policy.

This is much better than the standard practice of dumping your microwave or leaving it to someone else to recycle.


Should I get a Smart Microwave or a Dumb Microwave?

It’s worth noting that a normal ‘dumb’ Microwave typically isn’t worth repairing, as such, you would be creating more waste for the planet. So if that is something you’re conscious of, then a Smart Microwave is going to be right up your street.

The newer Smart alternative gives you multiple options to cook, low energy waste (If any at all) and in the long run will probably last longer.

If you can hold your excitement, wait and look into other devices, otherwise check out the GE appliances as they may fit your needs!

If you can wait, don’t rush out to get one. It really isn’t that useful as of yet to spend a stupid amount of money on. Look into Smart Ovens or Smart Fridges which provide a lot more usage.

If you want to make something with various extra features, just grab yourself a small tablet with a voice assistant and mount it near your microwave to show you how to bring up recipes etc.

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