What is the difference between irobot Roomba models?

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2020 Roomba Comparison breakdown

The iRobot Roomba is amazing for those of us who are lazy, it vacuums, entertains your kids and pets and can be left to its own devices.

There are multiple brands of the iRobot (Or Smart Robot), some of these are Neato, Shark, iLife, EcoVacs Deebot, Xiaomi & Eufy. 

There’s a lot of similarities between all of the versions of the Roomba, all with similar shapes, sizes and similarities.

But each one has a particular set of tools which makes them a diverse collection of products.

If you’re looking for a low – top cost vacuum, there’s an option for your needs and budget.

Picking the correct one can be a daunting task, however, I have listed each of the differences here and a quick rundown on each of these subjects:

It’s worth noting that I will not be mentioning the Dyson products, specifically the Dyson 360 in this comparison because Dyson has their own reputation and I may review this down the line.

Which iRobot Roomba is the best?

Roomba Comparison Chart

This chart includes the top contenders if you’re looking for a newer iRobot Vacuum

Note: I’m going to be leaving out the non + variants as they are the same but don’t have the Automatic Dirt Disposal.

Model NameRoomba E5Roomba 960Rooma 980Roomba S9+Roomba i7+

Design / Shape

Roomba E5 Review

Roomba 960 Review

Roomba 980 Review

Roomba S9+ Review

Roomba I7+ Review

iAdapt Version

iAdapt 1.0iAdapt 2.0iAdapt 2.0iAdapt 3.0iAdapt 3.0

Rechargeable &

Resume Clean cycle?

NoYes ✔Yes ✔Yes ✔Yes ✔

Automatic Dirt Disposal

NoNoNoYes ✔Yes ✔

Cleaning Motor Type

(5x Stronger)
(5x Stronger)
(10x Stronger)
(10x Stronger)
(40x Stronger)

My Rating






Are Robot Vacuums worth the money?

For those of us who are busy, out of the house a lot or have furry friends. The Robot Vacuum could really help with your day to day tasks.

The cost is anywhere between $300 to $900 (£231 to £700) and it should be noted this vacuum won’t replace your standard vacuum, so definitely do keep that under the stairs for family gatherings etc.

If like myself, you run a business on the side, time is definitely money. It’s much easier to keep a clean environment when your robot does the standard upkeep after your main clean up / tidy session. Save yourself an hour a day 😉

Marie Kondo - I love Mess - Vacuum

The Roomba 675 vs 690

The Roomba 675

Roomba 675 Vs Roomba 690

The Roomba 690


Commonly asked Roomba questions

How do I empty my Roomba 960?

The Roomba 900 series all have the same method of emptying out the sensors and filter. Please refer to the video on the left.

Please note, you may need to wipe the sensor as well as per the following:

How do I clean my Roomba 960?

Clean the Roomba 960 Filter
Clean the Roomba 960 Full Bin Sensors

How do I reset my iRobot Roomba 960?

Simple command
How do I reboot my Roomba® 900 Series.

Where to buy the iRobot Roomba 960?


  1. The Roomba 960
  2. An extra Dual Mode Virtual Wall
Buy a Roomba 960
What is the difference between the iRobot Roomba Models? - 960 S9+ 975 i7+
What is the difference between the iRobot Roomba Models? - 960 S9+ 975 i7+

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