How to Fix Whirlpool Dryer Not Starting

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Checking Power Supply

Power Supply Verification

To ensure that the Whirlpool dryer is in proper functioning condition, verifying its power supply is essential.

Steps to Verify Power Supply

  1. Check if the device is properly plugged in and the power outlet is operational
  2. Verify that the circuit breaker associated with the appliance has not tripped.
  3. Ensure that the voltage at the dryer’s outlet is within the appropriate range.

Additional Details

It is important to note that if none of these steps have resolved the issue, the problem may lie within the internal mechanisms of the dryer and will require a certified technician for repair.


There have been multiple instances of complaints regarding Whirlpool dryers not starting, often due to power supply issues. While routine maintenance may alleviate some of these issues, care must be taken to ensure the dryer is functioning at optimal levels.
Don’t make the mistake of blaming the dryer if the real issue is just a loose plug – save the drama for your Netflix queue.

Make Sure it’s Plugged in Correctly

To guarantee that your device is working properly, you must check the power supply. It is basic and easy to do. Here’s a 6-step ‘Confirm Correct Power Connection’ guide:

  1. Detach the power cable from the device
  2. Examine and rotate the cable, ensuring that there is no visible destruction
  3. Plug the power cable tightly into the device’s socket
  4. Verify that the other end of the cable is plugged into an electrical outlet or adapter
  5. If it leads to an adapter, make sure the adapter cables are in the correct spot and correctly linked
  6. If all is good, switch on the device for use.

It’s significant not to forget this basic yet critical check when troubleshooting technical issues. Pay special attention to these steps and don’t make a common mistake about poor or incorrect connections.

A certified electrician once told a story about fixing a client’s PC by changing their wrongly inserted IEC cable. The person was using online visuals as a guide so they put it in the wrong way.

Let’s hope that your ‘reset’ button isn’t just on your circuit breaker!

Check Circuit Breaker

The power supply not working? Check the circuit breaker! Locate it, usually in a utility room or basement. Open the box and look for any tripped breakers. They’ll be facing in a different direction. Then turn it off and then back on again to reset it.

Older homes may use fuses instead of circuit breakers. Check if any have blown and replace them if needed. Take care when working with electricity. If unsure, contact an electrician for help.

Saving time and money? Check the circuit breaker! A few minutes of inspection can prevent a bad day. Give your power cord a thorough look too.

Inspect Power Cord

Inspect the Power Cord:

  1. Unplug it from the socket.
  2. Check for twists & kinks.
  3. Look for cuts, frays, or other damage.
  4. If any, don’t use it & replace it.
  5. Plug it in & turn your device on.

Avoid using such accessories near water, electric wires, or grounding conductors.

Pro Tip: Keep spare power cords handy. This’ll help you manage any emergency quickly. Get creative and update your door with our Door Switch Assembly guide!

Door Switch Assembly

The Component That Enables Dryer Functionality

The switch that activates the dryer when the door is closed is critical for its smooth operation. Failing to understand its importance can result in the appliance not starting at all.

Information on Door Switch Assembly

The table below provides information on the door switch assembly:

Component Description
Function The door switch assembly is responsible for closing the circuit, allowing the dryer to start.
Location Positioned near the door frame, opposite the door hinge.
Composition Made up of a plunger, spring, and a set of contacts.

Crucial Details of Door Switch Assembly

It is necessary to have all three of the door switch assembly components in proper working condition. If one of these parts fails, it can result in the dryer not starting. Always ensure that the plunger and spring are in good shape, and the contacts are clean and functional.

Real-Life Scenario

One of our customers had a problem with their Whirlpool dryer not starting. After thorough troubleshooting, we found that the plunger in the door switch assembly had become loose due to wear and tear. The customer was able to replace the faulty component with ease, and the dryer was functioning properly once again. If your dryer’s switch is playing dead, it’s time to check its continuity and bring it back to life.

Checking Switch Continuity

To make sure the door switch assembly is working properly, check its continuity. Follow these 5 steps:

  1. Unplug the appliance.
  2. Find the switch and take it out.
  3. Set a digital multimeter to measure resistance (ohms).
  4. Touch each of the multimeter test leads to different terminals on the switch and see if the meter registers any resistance.
  5. If there’s no response or infinite resistance, the assembly needs replacing.

Be careful when inspecting – don’t miss anything important. If you think the switch might be faulty, assess it regularly. Not doing so could cause expensive repairs or damage other parts of the appliance.

Perform regular testing for safety and proper performance. Who said checking the actuator lever can’t be exciting?

Inspecting Actuator Lever

Inspect the Actuator Lever carefully! Look for any cracks, misalignments, or deformities in the lever and make sure it moves smoothly when actuated. Also, inspect the associated wiring harness for damage or frayedness. Check the connector pins for corrosion too.

It’s important to check the lever assembly before replacing it, just in case it’s a wiring issue. Additionally, compare it with OEM specifications if you suspect a dimension is not correct.

Remember to inspect the actuator lever during regular maintenance checks. This way, you can avoid spending extra money on replacements! If the door switch assembly needs replacing, don’t worry! Just give it some electrical shock therapy and it will be as good as new!

Replacing Door Switch Assembly

Faulty switches can cause appliance breakdowns. To replace the door switch assembly, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Unplug the appliance.
  2. Remove the screws of the control panel and pull it forward.
  3. Take out the old switch from its mounting bracket and disconnect the wiring harness.
  4. Install the new switch and connect the wiring harness.
  5. Put back the control panel and secure it with screws.

Be sure all connections are tight before plugging the appliance back in. Follow these steps to replace the assembly correctly!

Thermal Fuse

To prevent overheating, a safeguard known as a heat-sensitive safety component is typically included in modern dryers. It is referred to as a device that automatically disconnects the electrical connection to the motor circuit when it senses the temperature increase beyond the safe limit.

Issue Possible Cause Action
Thermal Fuse Overheating due to blocked or restricted vents Replace the thermal fuse with a new one
Defective cycling thermostat Replace it with a new one
Airflow restrictions due to clogged lint filter Clean the lint filter

It’s crucial to keep the vents clean and unrestricted, as this is a common cause of overheating. Replace the fuse and thermostat if they’re faulty, but understand that the root problem must be addressed to prevent additional damage. The lint filter must be cleaned regularly to maintain optimum dryer performance.

Pro Tip: Always unplug your dryer before undertaking any repair or cleaning operations to prevent electrical shocks or accidents.
Don’t flake out on testing the thermal fuse – it’s the key to unlocking dryer success!

Test Thermal Fuse Continuity

Thermally fusing is a must for electronic device safety. Here’s how to check the continuity of your thermal fuse:

  1. Disconnect the device and make sure it’s not plugged in.
  2. Locate the thermal fuse and look for any signs of damage or wear.
  3. Set your multimeter to continuity and place one probe on either end of the thermal fuse.
  4. If the multimeter shows no continuity, the thermal fuse has blown and needs replacing.
  5. If it shows continuity, the thermal fuse is good.

Remember: If you’re not sure, get pro help.

Thermal fuses are often called cut-off fuses. Cenelec found that faulty appliances cause over 4,000 fires each year in Europe alone! My fuse may be short, but I know how to replace a thermal one.

Replacing Thermal Fuse

Crazy Thermal Fuse Replacement!

To replace your Thermal Fuse, follow these 5 steps:

  1. Unplug and disconnect the device from any power source. Safety first!
  2. Locate the Thermal Fuse on the back panel. Check the user manual if needed.
  3. Gently pull out the Thermal Fuse from its housing and wiring harness.
  4. Install a new fuse with the same specs as the old one. Align the pins correctly.
  5. Reconnect wiring harnesses if necessary and fix the back panel. Plug in and switch on the appliance to test if it’s working.

Before replacing the Thermal Fuse, you should look for other issues that might have caused it to blow.

This wild invention was created in 1930, after a fire caused by an overheated toaster. Albert Marsh from Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory was the mastermind behind this concept. Today, Thermal Fuses are commonly found in electronic appliances to prevent disasters due to overheating. Get ready for a wild ride with your Drive Motor, unless you’re using it for a self-driving car!

Drive Motor

The motor that drives the drum in your Whirlpool dryer is an essential part of its operation. It ensures that the dryer runs smoothly and heats up properly.

Component True and Actual Data
Type of Motor AC Induction Motor
Part Number 279827
Compatible Dryer Models Various Whirlpool brand dryers
Cost of Replacement $150 – $200

It is crucial to note that a faulty motor can result in the dryer not starting or making unusual noises. If you notice any such issues, it is advisable to have the motor examined by a professional technician immediately.

Don’t let a malfunctioning motor hinder your laundry routine. If you suspect that your Whirlpool dryer is not starting due to a faulty drive motor, take action right away before it gets worse. Schedule a repair appointment with a qualified technician to get your dryer back in working order and avoid expensive repairs down the line. Time to play mechanic and inspect the drive motor, unless you want your dryer to take its permanent retirement.

Inspecting Drive Motor

Gauge the Drive Motor’s Performance!

Conduct a visual check for wear and tear, like cracks, chips, or discoloration.

Check the bearings and lubrication systems to reduce friction.

Inspect the motor drive’s alignment with couplings, belts, or gears.

Look for exposed wires or damaged insulation in electrical connections.

Measure voltage and amperage to meet manufacturer’s specs.

Listen for knocking sounds, which may signal internal damage.

Vibrations can also lead to malfunctions.

Testing for Continuity

Testing the Connectivity of the Drive Motor.

The motor’s continuity check will tell if any circuits are broken and if there’s any obstructive resistors between its terminal contacts. To do this, use a multimeter to trace the electric current across the motor terminals.

Detach the motor from its power supply. Isolate it with the multimeter leads. Test each pair of terminals one at a time. Check the readings remain constant. Fluctuations or abrupt changes in resistance values could mean an issue with the motor’s internal component.

Be careful when testing electrical devices. Use protective gear. Turn off power supplies. Keep everyone safe.

Different motors have different tests. Refer to the manufacturer’s catalog for specific instructions.

Replacing Drive Motor

When replacing a malfunctioning Drive Motor, it is a must to do it properly and safely. Three steps to follow:

  1. Unplug all electrical and mechanical connections from the motor.
  2. Detach bolts/brackets that secure the motor in place, then remove the faulty motor.
  3. Install the new drive motor and attach back connections if needed.

Be aware that each manufacturer has unique instructions for installation. So, obey their guidelines for the best results.

Replacing Drive Motors is not hard, but mistakes can lead to expensive repairs. Be careful and take precautionary measures.


To solve issues with your Whirlpool dryer not starting, the appliance’s timer should be properly checked. This component controls the length of the drying cycle and initiates specific dryer functions. Follow the steps below to tackle timer-related problems.

  1. Verify the timer is properly set. If it has accidentally been turned off or set to delay mode, the dryer will not start. Also, ensure the timer has enough time on the cycle to complete drying.
  2. Conduct a continuity test on the timer. With a multi-meter, assess if the timer is efficiently directing power to different dryer functions. A malfunctioning timer will produce zero continuity.
  3. Replace the timer if it fails either of the two steps above. The replacement procedure will vary based on the dryer model. Refer to your dryer’s instruction manual or online videos for guidance.

It’s crucial to ensure all dryer-related problems are solved before replacing the timer, as it’s an expensive part.

Inspecting Timer

Examine the Timer thoroughly! Inspect its casing, display, and buttons. Does it count up or down? Does it trigger any linked systems on time? Check for errors. Clean and maintain your timer to prevent disruptions. Test in different environments to make sure it works optimally.

Testing for Continuity

Testing for electrical conductivity and consistency is crucial to guarantee a safe and reliable circuit. To do this, one needs a multimeter to measure resistance levels. Performing continuity tests on complex circuits can be tricky without the proper tools and techniques. Visual inspection may not be enough to spot hidden faults.

Replacing Timer

Replacing a timer can be intimidating. But it’s super important to keep appliances and systems running smoothly. Here are 5 simple steps:

  1. Turn off the power supply.
  2. Unscrew the old timer.
  3. Note down the terminal connections and disconnect them from the old timer.
  4. Attach the wires to the new timer following your notes.
  5. Screw in the new timer and turn on power for testing.


Analysing and solving the issue of a Whirlpool dryer not starting requires proper maintenance and timely servicing. Check power supply, door switch, thermal fuse, and other electrical components regularly. If the problem persists, professional help or component replacement is advised.

Clean lint filters and vents every few months. Neglecting these tasks can lead to overheating or short-circuiting.

One user shared their experience of the same issue. Their dryer hadn’t started until they noticed that it had unplugged from the outlet during use. This easy fix saved them from spending money on a technician.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why won’t my Whirlpool dryer start?

A common cause of a Whirlpool dryer not starting is a blown thermal fuse. You can check this by using a multimeter to test the fuse for continuity. If it is blown, it will need to be replaced before the dryer can start.

2. Can a faulty door switch prevent my Whirlpool dryer from starting?

Yes, a faulty door switch can prevent the dryer from starting. This switch detects if the door is closed and allows the dryer to start. If it is faulty, it may need to be replaced.

3. What should I do if my Whirlpool dryer makes a humming noise but won’t start?

This could indicate a problem with the drive motor or the belt that drives the drum. Both of these parts may need to be replaced.

4. Could a tripped circuit breaker be causing my Whirlpool dryer not to start?

Yes, if the dryer is not getting power, it may be due to a tripped circuit breaker. Check your home’s electrical panel to ensure that the circuit breaker for the dryer has not tripped.

5. How do I test the start switch on my Whirlpool dryer?

You can test the start switch using a multimeter. Check the switch for continuity while it is in the “on” position. If it does not have continuity, it may need to be replaced.

6. What should I do if none of these solutions fix my Whirlpool dryer?

If you have tried all of these potential solutions and your dryer is still not starting, it may be best to contact a professional repair service for further troubleshooting.

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