Why Is My Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue?

By Bradly Spicer August 5th, 2021

Ring Doorbells are extremely popular, but they’re not exactly the easiest things to understand. If you need a quick guide on what the Flashing Blue light on your Ring doorbell looks like, look no further.

Why is my Ring Doorbell flashing blue?

Ring Doorbell Spinning Blue Light

The front light you have on a Ring Doorbell is used to confirm and send Status or Error messages to the user.

Your Ring Doorbell light circle will show an array of patterns based on what operations it is doing at the time.

For example, a Spinning light will indicate someone has pushed the doorbell button and has opened a call/conversation.

Ring Doorbell Flash Patterns

  1. Spinning Blue Light – This pattern will occur when someone pushes the doorbell button & can indicate that there is a potential call between the doorbell and recipient.
  2. Upwards moving Blue Light – You’ll see the light go up and around the sides from top to bottom. This indicates that your Ring Doorbell is connecting to a Wi-Fi network. You’ll see this occur when you have an internet outage or when you initially set the device up.
  3. Solid Blue Light – A solid blue light occurs when there is a connected call or remote viewing in place. This means the speaker is currently enabled and can be listened to.
  4. Flashing / Blinking Blue Light – If your Ring Doorbell is Flashing / Blinking, it means it is booting up. Typically this won’t take any longer than a few minutes however if this is stuck in a boot loop you will need to disconnect the power source.
  5. 4 Corner LEDs Flashing – This indicates the Ring Doorbell has been set up correctly and can be used moving forward.
  6. Flashing Blue Light and white spinning – This means your Ring Doorbell has finalised its Factory Reset and is ready to be set up.

How to charge your Ring Doorbell?

Charging your Ring Doorbell is relatively easy, and the best part is that you can recharge at most twice a year. Unlike traditional doorbell, Ring Doorbell is equipped with an amazing internal battery hence you do not have to mess with wires making the installation process more comfortable.

Before recharging the Ring Doorbell, it is advisable to check on the battery level and see if it has any left by using the Ring application on the phone.

You will be able to check the battery level on the upper right-hand corner.
If the battery levels are low and you would like to recharge it, you will have to remove the Doorbell from the mounting bracket.

To achieve this, you will start by removing two screws that are present at the bottom of the Doorbell and then remove it by lifting it up. You will then take it inside and plug it into an outlet or your computer.

The Ring Doorbell is equipped with a micro-USB port which you will use in charging it.

To charge your Ring Doorbell, you will require a USB to AC adapter and then the blue LED ring light that is present on your Doorbell will light up.

During this process, you will be able to see the level of your battery; once connected properly, the ring doorbell flashing blue when charging. Before it becomes fully charged, it will take you some few hours; it will be much longer if the battery level of your Doorbell was nearly dead.

From zero to 60% it will take you no less than one hour.

Ring Doorbell With Phone App

Ring Video Doorbell troubleshooting

For individuals using Ring Doorbell there are some common issues that they tend to face; this challenges is a bit tricky for some individuals. As a result, we shall be discussing some of the Ring Video Doorbell troubleshooting along with its solutions.

Lost Wi-Fi connection

When a Ring Doorbell loses Wi-Fi connections, it tends to develop the following symptoms:

  • There will be a soft white glow from the light that is present on the Ring Pro.
  • A sound will be emitted when you press on the ring button
  • Alerts will not be sent to your phone or Ring application
  • There will be no events being captured on your Ring application

Whenever you experience one of the above symptoms, then it is a sign that your Ring Pro has been disconnected from the Wi-Fi network.

To fix this issue, you might consider restarting your router and the Ring pro will connect automatically with the Wi-Fi network.

Low Wi-Fi signal

If you have a poor Wi-Fi signal or the strength is relatively slow, the symptoms will be as follows:

  • Delayed notifications
  • Poor or low-quality videos
  • Not receiving any notification occasionally
  • Failing to connect to live view
  • Motion and Ring events not connecting
  • Live viewing taking more than a second to connect

These are some of the symptoms of weak signal and you might consider contacting your internet provider to aid in fixing that issue.

Low power

When having insufficient power, you will experience the following symptoms:

  • Losing connection to your Wi-Fi regularly
  • Shutting off frequently (usually, the white light at the front will go off)
  • Freezes while in a live event
  • Night vision failure to work
  • Failure to ring the existing internal doorbell accordingly
  • The Ring Doorbell will work correctly for a few events and then seizes to work.

If your Ring Doorbell is having any of the above issues, it is a clear indication that it has insufficient power.

Ring Doorbell weather conditions and battery life

Is the Ring Doorbell weatherproof? The Ring doorbell is designed to work across all seasons, regardless of rain, snow or high winds. The battery life of Ring Doorbell is the main downside of this amazing device though.

The battery tends to drain more within residential areas; this is because the motion sensing is being triggered more often. I do have a fantastic Ring Doorbell battery life comparison post you should check out.

Pros and cons of Ring Doorbell


  • The Ring Doorbell is relatively easy to install as well as operate.
  • It is equipped with an intuitive and seamless application.
  • Ring Doorbell can as well be used a Nanny camera
    It features a two way communication


  • Despite being a great device, Ring Doorbell features some downside;
  • Less durable battery life
    It operates best under strong Wi-Fi connection
  • Does not schedule motion sensor

Ring Doorbells are great little devices, but you need something strong and reliable, read our comparison and breakdown on the battery life in this extensive blog post.

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