Does Echo Spot Work With Ring Doorbell?

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 12/25/22 •  7 min read
Yes, the Echo Spot works with the Ring Doorbell products and does display a live video feed of the camera in the Ring Door Bell to the Echo Spot. The Echo Spot is essentially another tool which allows you to access your Ring device quickly. Simply ask Alexa “Alexa, Show me the Back Door“, Replacing this with the device you’ve set up via the Alexa App under the “Ring Skill”. It’s worth noting, that this Ring Skill actually works with the 2nd Generation Echo Show (10″ Square Screen), which I personally prefer as I like my devices slightly bigger. But you may prefer the smaller Echo Spot due to the ability to tuck it away. Please note, The Echo Spot offers the exact same features and tools as the Echo Show, it’s just the shape and size which is different. I have an Echo Show in my Kitchen which is also next to my wall screen, but we’ll go into that in another post as I will be showing you how to access Ring from either. While it doesn’t matter which of the two you pick, you may find different scenarios require different things.  

Pros and Cons of the Echo Show / Spot

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Echo Show


  • Bigger Screen
  • Looks sleeker from the front
  • Has a better quality microphone
  • Has a better inbuilt speaker


  • The sound itself can get quite ‘bassy’, listening to male friends sounds worse than female friends
  • It could be thinner, I don’t need the need for how chunky this is.
  • Does cost an additional $100
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Echo Spot


  • Fits in much better at a home environment
  • The video quality is crystal clear
  • Considerably cheaper than the Echo Show


  • The video footage you see is cropped, as a camera records in box / rectangle, you’ll miss out potential details.
  • Whilst it’s cheaper than the Show, it is expensive.
I watch a lot of Twitch Streamers whilst I’m doing chores like the washing up and this can be done on the Echo Show & Echo Spot as well! What’s great is that the Echo Spot & Echo Show will let you know if your Smart Doorbell goes off even when you can’t hear the door directly. Sometimes you’ll just want to see who’s at the door so you don’t have to take your rubber gloves off to go talk to someone, call me anti-social but I hate cold callers! Another great perk of the Echo Spot being connected to Ring’s Doorbell products is that if you need to make an emergency call, you can do via the device whilst watching your door camera. This saves you from any potential harassment and is a great security increase. The Echo Spot works with all Ring Smart Doorbells and Ring Smart Cameras, this means if you have the Floodlight Cam or the Stick Up Cam, you’ll also be able to view them from your Echo Device! Do be careful though, as the Two-Way talk feature on the Ring Stick Up camera has caught me off guard talking about the person at the door whilst they can hear me. It makes for a very awkward conversation afterwards. I would argue the wired cameras are a better option as I have heard on forums about people having their cameras stolen, now whilst this may not be entirely true it’s definitely worth mentioning.  

Echo Spot And Ring Doorbell

It’s 2019, what are you doing with a standard doorbell that irritates everyone in the building? You know the best fix for this is the Ring Doorbell connected to your Echo Spot? It’ll alert you directly based on wherever you go because of how portable the Spot device is. Ring also sends notifications for motion if you enable it, this means you can see if someone is about to deliver something without them actually ringing the doorbell, giving you a few more seconds to put your trousers on! Another solution here is if you don’t have a doorbell which tells the whole house someone is there, if you’re often outback and busy doing the gardening, Ring can contact your Echo Device which is obviously a lot easier to move than a plug based doorbell or a hardwired doorbell.  

What Else Can an Echo Spot/Show Do?

With the Amazon Echo, you can do lots of things including watching Live TV via an array of Skills and also now including Hulu. From the BBC to HBO and Amazon Prime Video.
The Echo Spot doesn’t have to work exclusively with a Ring Doorbell, whilst as of the moment Ring is the only doorbell camera system you can buy out of the box, you can still make the most of doing other stuff with your Echo Spot/Show. Making the most of the full touch screen video display allows you to interact with and view videos on YouTube, Twitch, Amazon Prime Video but NOT Neflix. The Echo Show can be used for Alarms, Setting Reminders, Setup a daily news feed, Install the Hulu Skill and if you install the “Stream Player” Skill you can watch Live TV. With all these points, it’s easy to forget that the Echo Spot is actually still a hub, this means you can control your lights via dimness; On or Off, Play music via Spotify (If you have that set up) or Amazon Music (Comes with Prime) and if you use a Thermostat like Nest Thermostat you can configure it via the Echo Spot. Whilst I prefer the Echo Show, because of it’s sleek futuristic design. I have noticed a huge fandom for the Echo spot because it’s not as obtrusive. It disguises itself as a small-medium sized alarm clock which just so happens to be filled with potentially unlimited “Skills”. Even if they are inundated by ambience effects and whatnot.  

How To Setup Echo Spot With Ring Doorbell:

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1. Open up your Amazon Alexa app
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2. Select Skills & Games
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3. Click the magnifying glass on the top right hand side.
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4. Search for “Ring”
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5. Ignore the skill reviews, these are old! Enable to Use
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6. Login to Ring to control and authenticate your devices

Summary: Echo Spot and Ring Doorbell

This is by no means the primary use of accessing your Ring Device, it works great as a Smart Home Controller (A Hub), Bedside Alarm Clock / Morning Routine Helper and a way to access your Nest devices. The Echo Show is the exact same device as the Echo Spot in most cases minus the size and the shape. While the Echo Spot is sleek, clean, portable and compact for pretty much any living space, it is also a power house for Home Automation. If you have the funds to sink into this, it’s amazing on a night stand and even better when you finally replace your non-smart alarm clock. Setup a morning routine, have it turn the lights on slowly at 6am, open the blinds, turn your kettle on, play the radio. All-in-all, it’s a great tool and perfect for those of us who like our security, make the most of it and get yourself an Echo Spot and the Ring Doorbell, it’ll save you a lot of hassle and be a great addition to your Smart Home.

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