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Complete Ikea Tradfri + Google Home Guide

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Ikea, the masters behind making your home completely flat pack now offers its own branded smart lights, Tradfri + Google home, which are pretty cheap and what’s great is that they work with Google Assistant & Google Home devices!

The Ikea Trådfri lights are pretty easy to set up & are compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. I’ll be showing you how to do this here!

Setting up your Ikea Tradfri lights


  • Ikea Trådfri Bulb(s)
  • Google Home / Assistant


  • Ikea Trådfri Hub

If you don’t have the required items above, click the links, order it on prime and I’ll meet you back here tomorrow 😉

These Smart Lights are not that different from others like Philips Hue and Lifx, as always, I suggest picking a maximum of two brands of smart light bulbs in your home for easier management.

The Ikea Trådfri bulbs can be controlled via your smartphone and voice assistant (Alexa, Google Home), you will also get a remote control which is great if, like myself, you put all remotes on magnets on your fridge and wall.

Ikea Tradfri Wireless Dimmer Review

Trådfri also has a wireless dimmer which is extremely cheap, I am honestly surprised that this option exists at such a budget considering the competition. When purchased in a bundle, they should automatically be paired, however, if not, you need to get a bridge (Like the Philips Hue Bridge).

If you wish to control your bulbs through your smartphone, set up schedules, routines and group them so they can all be turned on or off at the same time, you will need to buy the Trådfri Gateway that plugs directly into your router. Very similar to the Philips Hue setup like so:

Once you have plugged in your Trådfri gateway into your router and can see it in the Trådfri App (Android or iOS, sorry Microsoft).

Ikea Tradfri + Google Home Set up Guide

Connect Tradfri to Google Home

Once you have found the Trådfri bulb(s) on the Trådfri app on your phone, you’re already on the way to incorporating this with Google Home in just a few steps!

  1. Open the Trådfri app on your smartphone.
  2. Tap the ⚙️settings icon in the top right
  3. Tap on “Integrations”
  4. Tap “Google Assistant”
  5. “Tap Enable”
  6. It will now ask you about your Google Account, make sure you pick one which the devices you wish to control are on.

Congratulations! You’ve set up your Trådfri devices on your network! Now it’s time to make Google Home see them and control them!

Launch your Google Home app, At the top in the options, it will say “Add”, choose “Set up device” and then pick the second option.
It will ask if you already have something set up, and a list of supported third-party platforms/devices will appear. Simply select “Trådfri”.

You’ll get a prompt asking you if you’ve already set up the Google Assistant integration on the Trådfri app, simply click on “Confirm”.

Once this is done, you’ll need to assign the bulb to a room you have, select the bulb, then “Add a room”. Voila! You’re all done!

All future bulbs being added will be a lot quicker to control now as you’ve already done the integration setup.

Tradfri with IFTTT (If This Then That)

IFTTT works with the Philips Hue Hub, simply add the Trådfri bulbs to the Philips Hue once you’ve enabled Integration in the Trådfri app, you can then add the bulbs to your rooms and use IFTTT to control them.

Out of the box, Tradfri does not support Non-Zigbee based Smart Home products, IKEA hasn’t quite caught up with that bit yet.

If you are technical, you can use a raspberry pi to control Tradfri with IFTTT, you will need to hook in with the IFTTT webhook, alternatively, you can use an unofficial IFTTT Github Library from a user called “Valenting”.

Can I use the Philips Hue and Tradfri Bridge at the same time?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to put your bulbs onto the same network as they need to be on separate mesh’s, think of each hub as its own network. The device can only be on one network at a time.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t control them individually if you use the Google Home app, you should be able to control them there, as long as both the Hub & the Bridge are assigned onto your Google Home App.

Are Tradfri bulbs LED?

Yes, the Tradfri bulbs are wireless LED Based bulbs. This applies across all bulb types; Dimming Kit Lights, Motion Sensor Kits etc, Even the Lumen bulbs 😉

What can I use for HomeBridge on Raspberry Pi?

If you’re using a Raspberry Pi, there are a few requirements. You WILL need a Zigbee controller, so in this case, you will need to purchase a “RaspBee” which is a pluggable add-on to allow your Raspberry Pi to run as a LAN-ZigBee gateway.

Once that is done, there is this GitHub repository I suggest by a user called ebaauw, it’s updated very regularly and isn’t too difficult to setup.

So, that’s it! What do you think of the Tradfri + Google Home combination? If you’ve come here from elsewhere do you have any other advice for users?