A critical review of Amazon’s Echo Buds

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 03/15/20 •  5 min read

What are the Amazon Echo Buds?

Wireless ear buds took the world by storm in 2019, the AirPods were basically the next Nike Airs. To cut it short, the Amazon Echo Buds are surprisingly good in comparison to their more expensive counterpart the AirPods.

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I’m a huge fan of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, however, I think they may have to step aside for the Amazon Echo Buds.

  • For the price, these ear buds are fantastic, they last pretty long with a quick 15-minute charge time.
  • It’s a hands free assistant (Works for Siri and Google Assistant as well)
  • They use Bose Active Noise Reduction Technology
  • And they’re pretty comfy for ear buds!
  • You can call an echo device in another room from them!
  • Supports Apple Music & Spotify


  • Whether you’re walking or running, these will stay where they are. Even with quite big ears 😉
  • These don’t look great, which I will say is a positive. There’s no fear of the branding alerting a theif to steal these right out of your ears.
  • The touch controls are actually really easy to get along with. It took at most 3-4 hours to know the ropes without making any mistakes
  • You can simply say “Alexa,” to activate the controls thanks to the three microphones in each bud.
  • The sound reduction is great, most noise turns into vibrations if your music is low enough.
  • The call quality was great for what it was, surprisingly not a lot of background noise on the other end
  • The charging case is the perfect pocket size.


  • It doesn’t use USB-C, maybe we’ll get this in the second version?
  • Alexa doesn’t work when your environment is loud.
  • There’s no volume control on the buds, you need to ask Alexa or directly use the app.
  • No wireless charging, the case needs to be plugged in to charge the headphones.
  • At low volume, they’re not particularly great.
  • Amazon is required to be enabled for most of the features.

Which is better Apple Airbuds or Echo buds?

You may be thinking, Airbuds? Well, some people do call them Airbuds despite their brand name!

Apple Airbuds vs Echo Buds

There is no definite answer to this, however, I can say that in terms of price to quality ranking, the Amazon Echo Buds are fantastic in comparison. Apple really needs to up their game with more Voice Assistant support and features!

Whilst I am biased, I do think Apple products are extremely overpriced for what they are, I even believe these are better than my Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus.

Go and check out Paul Hibberts review, he seems pretty happy with these 😉

How do I setup Echo Buds on my Macbook Pro / Macbook Air?

The Macbooks I’ve tested this on were a bit slow to pickup the bluetooth connection from the Echo Buds, although the steps should be as simple as turning on Bluetooth on the Macbook and then scanning for an unconnected device.

How do I disconnect my Echo Buds?

The quickest way is to disable Bluetooth on the other device they are connected to, this will allow you to then reconnect them. Alternatively, follow these steps:

How to connect to my Windows laptop?

A critical review of Amazon's Echo Buds
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Assuming your laptop does in fact have bluetooth installed, it’s not really that different to a Macbook. However, the quickest way is to make sure the Echo Buds aren’t connected to something and then follow these steps:

How do I control the audio?

This is one down side of these, there is no way to change the volume directly from the ear buds. You will need to ask Alexa directly from your phone to change the volume.

For those of you who are used to controlling this from your phone, this isn’t a problem. But hopefully we’ll see a patch in the future to allow this.

There’s a fantastic feature when taking the earbuds out of your ears, the music will pause.

I tried tricking this by taking them out slowly, covering them up etc but it simply knew how to counter this.

My Conclusion

These are amazing ear buds for music, however, the Alexa part of this isn’t that important. If you’re out and about it’ll definitely get a few odd looks.

However, if you’re at home, these are perfect when doing chores and cleaning up, washing up etc

If you’ve got the money, grab them. Otherwise, it may be worth looking into an alternative.

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