Why Coronavirus is bad for the Smart Home Industry

Has Coronavirus impacted Smart Homes?

Corona Virus Mask - Smart Home Protection
Photo by Free To Use Sounds on Unsplash

The Coronavirus crisis is impacting all of us, I’m currently self-isolating and working from home with a nice cup of coffee (Which my Smart Mug is holding).

According the Omdia (An independent analyst and consultancy firm headquartered in London), the Global Smart Home Market may fall as much as up to $20 billion (Around 17 billion £).

Early this year (2020), the global Smart Home Market was evaluated to be worth around $101.1 billion whilst it was forecast to be at $120.6 billion.

Given the recent Coronavirus crisis, Smart Homes will definitely see less products being made in China let alone shipped out as companies like Amazon have temporarily stopped prime shipments; This includes appliances, security systems or any kind of climate & lighting controls.

“Due to the vast number of products available, the smart-home market tends to be more resilient in the face of economic challenges like coronavirus compared to other, less-diversified industries,” 

Blaze Kozak (Principal Analyst @ Omdia)

Asia itself is expected to take a huge dip with revenue as it is expecting to have 66.2 million fewer shipments than anticipated.

Are there any Alexa Skills for Coronavirus?

There are tons of Coronavirus Smart Home related skills popping up, However, a lot of these are being removed very quickly.

When you’re looking for reliable information and news it can be difficult to find the right skill which doesn’t have a Bias.

It’s pretty important as tech fans that we keep a balanced and logical mind set so that we can keep our home functioning properly! Over the last week or so, there’s a ton of coronavirus related Smart Home skills that have appeared.

I don’t want you to waste your time by reviewing the admitedly terrible Coronavirus news and information Alexa skills. Some of these skills are as simple as playing a 20 second song for washing your hands to, the others are a news brief that only targets Coronavirus related topics.

As of the moment it appears Amazon is removing Coronavirus specific Amazon Skills fairly regularly, as far as I can see, it looks like both Google and Amazon are taking action to stop people capitalising off Coronavirus.

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