Is the C-Force Portable Display perfect for your Smart Home

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 08/27/19 •  3 min read

Stop! This isn’t a sponsored article! This is something I’ve been thinking about and wanted to share! The C-Force Portable Display might be the PERFECT SmartHome Screen for your futuristic house!

What is the C-Force Portable Display?

C-Force Portable Display Thin Display

When you look at your Smartphone, you’ll notice the screen is extremely thin, but there’s not really been a monitor to date which of the same thinness and size. Until now.

Is the C-Force Portable Display Practical?

The way it works is that you have the Portable Display, a processing block (Can easily tuck behind your wall) and then the display media which utilises USB-C (Nintendo Switch, Mac, PC, Samsun Dex, Huawei PCMode etc). Boom! Job done!

C-Force Portable Display Video Editing

The C-Force Portable Display comes in 3k (Weird) and 4K (Which is actually surprisingly good!). I can’t tell you about the technology behind it, I can’t tell you why this was never done before. But I can tell you that if you’re into DIY. This could be a damn good futuristic Smart Mirror / Magic Mirror which utilises a camera… We’ll see 😉

Regardless, it could work really well simply as a hub controller utilising Android / a Raspberry Pi controller.

What makes the C-Force Display so good?

It boasts being the thinnest 4K Monitor on the market as of the moment. It works as a monitor you can mirror the display on or simply extend it like another monitor (I may need another one for my current desk).

The hub itself has a USB port, so if you did use your phones PC Operating System, you could literally have a functional coffeeshop setup.

C-Force Portable Display Thinnest Monitor

On a small side-note, would you believe all of this can run for a decent amount of time on a 24800mAh Power Bank? Sure, having a laptop may be easier. But if you’re looking to have everything controlled by your phone so it’s easily transferrable, backed up to the cloud and managed wherever. It works as a great backup!

Magic Mirror Monitor?

This is purely speculation, but given the Raspberry Pi 4 has a USB-C output, you could utilise a webcam and produce this on your own MagicMirror to avoid buying glass.

If you’re a tinkerer, it could be easier to just make your own software which has you on the screen and with gestures it simply turns the camera off to a black screen. We’ll see how the future goes with this, as Google’s AIY would be pretty cool with this!


So, this is one of those points where I would normally tell you to grab it or dump it. But I really can’t decide! It’s so thin and for the practicality of what it can do, I love it.

However, it’s pricey and it requires an IO to control it. Not to mention there are other Portable Monitors out there which have everything built-in, just not as thin as the C-Force Portable Display.

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