Must-Have Smart Pet Toys & Electronics

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 02/25/20 •  4 min read

Remember when pet toys were just a ball with a weird fluffy thing on the end of it? Things have definitely advanced since then and if you’re a smart home enthusiast like myself, you’ll want everything to be done automatically via Smart Pet Toys!

There’s a ton of mediocre stuff out there, but, there are actually some real gems that make looking after your pet very easy as well as entertaining them! From cats, dogs and rabbits there’s so much variety!

This list will be for all pets alike, but I will likely break this down even further! Some are ‘duplicates’ of the same type of product but I felt they were worth mentioning as good alternatives!

WestLink Automatic Pet Feeder – For Dogs, Cats & Rabbits

Smart Home Automatic Pet Food Dispenser
Smart Home Automatic Pet Food Dispenser

I’ve included this because it’s so cheap for the quality it is. Both my house Rabbit and Dog have one of these, it allows me to stock up and keep them fed on a specific routine.

Once of the coolest features is definitely the ability to record your voice and set up a custom message so your pets know when you’ve called them to eat, this way, they’re not too scared by the grinding noise as the food is churned out!

Smart Pet Toys

The iFetch Ball Launcher

This is great for people with a large area where their dog is just constantly asking for attention, after an hour, you’re just exhausted from throwing the ball.

Save your energy! This little contraption is perfect for small and big dogs alike!

iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher
Smart Pet Toys

The Wickedbone Smart Bone

This Smart Pet Toy blew my mind, it’s literally a bone on wheels that connects to your phone via bluetooth.

It feels like you’re playing a video game or a remote controlled car (That your dog is allowed to bite this time 😉 )

It has some pretty cool pre-set features, like spinning, doing backflips, shaking side to side.

Wickedbone Smart Pet Toys

You also have a setting where if you get an email or text, it will leave you and entertain the dog, perfect for those with a busy home life style but still love to cuddle their buddy!

Must-Have Smart Pet Toys & Electronics

It’s got fully customisable settings to work around your pets needs (So older dogs can have fun too!)

VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot Full Package

Smart Pet Toy for Dogs

A very similar product to the one prior, but could arguably have better controls, options and tracking. These are the unique features it offers:

Smart Pet Toys

AONKEY Robotic Interactive Cat Toy, Attached with Feathers

Didn’t think I was going to leave out our little furry creatures did you? Whilst this is definitely best suited to cats, my rabbit likes to try and bite this and throw it around.

That purely could be due to not seeing it often or being in its way, but regardless, it was definitely cute!

Kittens can be very scratchy and clingy, so this is a fantastic little device that may distract your little one for just enough time for you to grab a coffee.

I don’t have a picture of this one sadly as I no longer have hold of it and the stock photos online are just abysmal, it’s a cool Smart Pet Toy and it’s pretty fun for a little while. But it’s not perfect and it’s only worth as much as you value your 30 minutes extra a day!

Blink XT2 – Indoor Camera

I’m mentioning this here as I always do with this camera, because it’s just a phenominal cheap piece of kit. Yes, the Wyze cameras do exist, but the free cloud storage with Blink is not to be snubbed!

I did a critical review of the Blink XT2 here, but tldr, It’s great for looking after your pet from a distance or simply communicating (See the video).

Must-Have Smart Pet Toys & Electronics

Talk to your pet from a distance, keep an eye on them and record all their cute moments 😉

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