My Best Smart Home Gift Ideas 2021

By Bradly Spicer •  Updated: 06/07/19 •  5 min read

If you’re looking to get friends and family into Smart Homes, what better way than to buy them their first device as a gift? This will get them hooked into futuristic technology for you to talk about! So, here are my favourite gadgets gifts for automating your friend or families home.

Affordable Smart Home Gift Ideas for Mum, Mom, Dad, Grandad, Siblings, Brother and Sisters

Smart Home Gifts For Dad

I have a pretty technological family, I was brought up around having the latest gadgets and before Smart Homes were really a thing my stepdad had a home cinema, intercom system, underfloor heating and all of which was controllable via phone and tablet apps.

However, I will be suggesting a variety of beginner and advanced Smart Home Gadgets that I think are perfect for dads.

Amazon Echo Gift for Dad

1. Amazon Echo

Whilst the Google Home Hub, Samsung SmartThings and Apple Homekit are great, the Echo devices without a doubt are the simplest to set up and incorporate into your life. If you get the Echo Show or Echo Spot, you can watch YouTube videos, get the latest cookies recipes, play music, control your soon to be smart home and make video calls all from one device.

My Best Smart Home Gift Ideas 2021

2. Amazon Smart Plug

What goes well with an Alexa Assistant when none of your other devices are smart? A smart plug! This will allow them to turn any device on and off via voice or app without needing to get out of your seat!

My Best Smart Home Gift Ideas 2021

3. Sonos One

If your Dad is into his technology and music, this is the ultimate perfect smart home gift. Boasting amazing Class-D amplifiers and constant updates, you’ll find that the Sonos is the perfect starter smart home device to get into hands-free music control. Best of all, you can connect to multiple Sonos Speakers in multiple rooms.

My Best Smart Home Gift Ideas 2021

4. Anker PowerWave Wireless Charger Stand

I got myself two wireless chargers, one for my bedside, one for my desk. It’s amazing, I love just dropping my phone on top of it as it means I don’t need to fidget with the case and cable. The Anker PowerWave is pretty good, you can charge your phone both horizontal and verticle so you can watch videos whilst it charges and it is a super fast charger.

Smart Home Gifts For Mum

I sat my mother down a few weeks ago and asked her which devices she relies on without realising, so, this is a list of devices she uses and recommends getting!

My Best Smart Home Gift Ideas 2021

1. Appkettle – Smart Kettle

It’s difficult to find a decent smart kettle, to be honest, if you want a smart coffee maker it’s man-made or go big. My family is big on iOS as well, so finding something that didn’t require communication through IFTTT was a big selling point.

iRobot Smart Home Gift Mum

2. iRobot Roomba

Roomba took the world by storm, and it’s understandable. We went from nothing to a robot which was affordable, did a job for you AND looked after itself.

My Best Smart Home Gift Ideas 2021

3. TENSWALL Humidifier

This is a win win for both me and my mum, I’m allergic to pretty much everything and she likes the smell and look of this cool little gadget. You only need to add water and it will do the rest for you! Add Oils and it’ll add a great smell to the room.

My Best Smart Home Gift Ideas 2021

4. Tile – Find pretty much anything

This is one of those things you needed years ago but didn’t really exist properly, we had those beepers and stuff but the batteries died really quickly. The tile is damn good though, you use Bluetooth to ring it and you’ll see it on a map, double tap the button and your phone will ring loudly even if it’s set to silent.

Smart Home Gifts For The Family

Now it’s smart home gifts everyone can enjoy, this will be bits and bobs around your home which improves your quality of life through smart technology!

It’s easy to forget that our phones are the only smart things we use on a daily basis, this list includes watches, bathroom utilities and more!

My Best Smart Home Gift Ideas 2021

1. TaoTronics Bluetooth Shower Speaker

This is a cool little gadget and an alternative to a Bluetooth shower head, it’s surprisingly good as staying stuck to the wall in the shower and it’s pretty cheap for the quality it is.

My Best Smart Home Gift Ideas 2021

2. SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

Pets are family, so why not use this pet feeder to stop your pets from stealing the others food. You can register your pets chip so that it only allows food to be eaten when the sensor is met.

My Best Smart Home Gift Ideas 2021

3. SureFlap Smart Cat Flap

Similar to the prior device, this will only let pets with authentication in and out of the house! This will stop strays from coming in, sadly it’s not big enough for dogs as well.

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